8 Awesome But Little-Known Experiences At Walt Disney World

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There are a plethora of attractions and rides that everyone knows and loves at Walt Disney World, but some of the best experiences (that aren’t so well known) are right under your nose and you may not even know about them! For some frequent Disney visitors, this list may seem familiar, so for those that aren’t so aware, here are 8 awesome, but little known, experiences at Walt Disney World.

8. Resort Campfires

Who doesn’t love roasting marshmallows by a fire? Did you know that every Disney resort now has a marshmallow roasting area? Enjoy roasting unlimited marshmallows in the evening with cast members right before the movies under the stars! You can check the time for this event with the lobby of you resort. If you are staying at the Fort Wilderness Cabins, you’re in for a great treat! Not only can you roast marshmallows here as well, but there is a huge s’more station to purchase graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate! Chip and Dale are also there to sing and dance for a rootin’ tootin’ good time!

7. Movies Under the Stars

Every single Disney World resort offers movies under the stars each and every night. Your favorite Disney films are played nightly on a larger than life blow-up screen by the pool or beach area (if applicable to your resort). We’re so used to watching movies indoors, so this is a nice treat because the atmosphere is beautiful no matter which resort you’re watching from! It’s also a great way to enjoy a snack and relax by the pool! Check the guide for your resort upon check-in!

6. Electric Water Pageant

If you’re staying or visiting any of the resorts in the Magic Kingdom area, you’ll love checking out the nightly Electrical Water Pageant. Every night guests find a comfy spot along the beach of their resort to watch larger than life mythical sea creatures and flags light up the lake with correlating Disney tunes. This fifteen-minute parade is very cute and loved by many that stay at these resorts! I personally love to watch it right after dining at the amazing restaurants that these resorts offer.

5. Meeting Indiana Jones

Meeting characters is one of the reasons guests love Disney, but there is one character that many people don’t realize they have a shot at meeting while visiting Hollywood Studios. The Indiana Jones Stunt Show is a popular attraction for guests of all ages. At the end of the show, most visitors scramble to leave because they want to beat the crowd out of the amphitheater. Next time you visit; hang out for a few minutes. When the guests are gone, Indy typically makes his way over to the sound area to return his microphone. Here, guests can ask him for a picture, and most of the time, he has no problem with doing so! Since this isn’t very common, you will have a unique character photo that many don’t have!

4. The Kiss Goodnight

Every single evening just before the last few guests leave the Magic Kingdom park at closing, there is a very special closing ceremony that takes place called The Kiss Goodnight. This 2- minute ceremony is played every 30 minutes after park closing and begins with the beautiful Cinderella castle twinkling lights along with the song When You Wish Upon a Star. While this is playing, a narrator greets the guests with a beautiful speech relating to making dreams come true. If you are a true Disney fan like I am, I know you will choke up at how sweet and heart-warming the speech is. It is truly magical and a must do at night if you’re in the Magic Kingdom.

3. Character Palooza

One of the best ways to meet rarely seen characters at Hollywood Studios is by checking out the unofficial and unannounced character meet and greet known as Character Palooza. This 20-30 minute interaction between characters and guests is a great way to meet some of the more rare characters that aren’t out and about usually. This typically happens 4 hours before Fantasmic! begins since the determination of which characters appear for this depends on the Fantasmic! schedule. There is no way of knowing exactly which characters or at which time they will be out for meet and greets, however, Character Palooza has recently been taking place at the entrance of the park, so be sure to check in the afternoon for their arrival. It is also common for cast members to brush off questions about this meet and greet to keep crowds at a minimum.

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2. Meeting the Festival of the Lion King Cast

Animal Kingdom has several amazing shows for guests of all ages, but one of the most beloved shows there is the Festival of the Lion King. Join Simba and the gang as the film we all know and love comes to life with all of the classic songs sung live by amazing singers, entertainers, dancers, and even acrobats in this extraordinary show. If you are extremely lucky, families have been given the opportunity to meet this amazing cast after the show. As of now I have only heard that “being lucky” is the only way to get to meet them, and you can’t just ask to do so. Hopefully one day, you will be able to have this unique meet and greet!

1. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Who doesn’t love playing games? At the Magic Kingdom guests can defeat all of the Disney villains by helping Merlin fight the forces of evil in becoming an apprentice sorcerer. This game is for visitors of all ages and is really fun, especially if you’re into finding clues. Stop by the Firehouse on Main Street USA, and a cast member will link your MagicBand to the game. You will receive a deck of spell cards, which help you defeat the villains, and then you will be on your way around the entire park unlocking magic portals and completing missions. For each day that you go to the Magic Kingdom, you will receive a new deck of spell cards. Collecting these cards as time goes on helps with the more challenging levels later in the game. The game will be saved on your MagicBand for up to two years, so you can pick up right where you left off when you return. Best of all, its included in your theme park admission and is totally free!

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