8 Behind the Scenes Facts about Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios

Fantasmic is one of the most exciting nighttime shows available at Walt Disney World. This show is larger than life and is perform at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Fantasmic takes guests into dreams of Mickey Mouse and an epic battle with some of the most wicked Disney villains. Read below 8 behind the scene facts about Fantasmic!

8. Amphitheater: The Fantasmic amphitheater is unique to Walt Disney World. Fantasmic is also performed at Disneyland, but for Hollywood Studios they built a large amphitheater specifically for this show. The amphitheater is stadium style seating that can fit up to 6,900 people sitting and 3,000 standing! While this is huge, you would be surprised how often this stadium is completely full. As mentioned before, this is a very popular show.

7. Mountain: The mountain that comes to life during the show is one of the centerpieces of the Fantasmic amphitheater. The man made mountain towers 59 feet tall over an island and a lagoon. This is the fourth largest mountain in all of Walt Disney’s parks. Mickey and other characters, like Pocahontas make appearances on and even on top of the mountain.

6. Mist Screens: There are three “mist screens” that are used throughout the show. They help the story of Mickey fighting the villains of Disney come to life. There are 3 mist screens that give each section of the theater seating a great view. Classic clips from movies like, ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Fantasia’ and more appear on the screens throughout Fantasmic. Each screen is thirty feet tall by fifty feet wide! They also use 800 gallons of water per minute while they are in action! Here’s an insider tip, you don’t want to be misted on during the show avoid the seats that are closest to the water. The screens can send mist on to those up close seats.

5. Show duration: Fantasmic is a twenty six minute show that is performed almost every night at Hollywood Studios, sometimes even twice a night. You will want to check the schedule before you go. This show is the best way to end your day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

4. Cast and Crew: Fantasmic could easily be a short Broadway production. It takes 46 performers to be in the show, 25 crew members, 3 stage managers, 6 costuming managers and 4 other cast members to perform this show every time. The beauty of Fantasmic is really tied to all these people working together and putting on a magical performance.

3. Villains Galore! There are over 10 villains that make an appearance during Fantasmic. You can expect to see Ursula from ‘The Little Mermaid’, Cruella DeVille from ‘101 Dalmatians’, Scar from ‘The Lion King’, Ratcliff from ‘Pocahontas’, Chernabog from ‘Fantasia’, and more!

2. Elaborate Costumes and Characters: Jafar and Maleficent are two of the villains who really come to life during this show. Jafar turns into a cobra that is over 100 feet long, 16 feet tall and combats Mickey Mouse in an epic battle. Mickey also faces Maleficent in her most dramatic dragon form. She is over 50 feet tall and has a 50 foot wingspan. Don’t worry Mickey defeats all of the villains, while changing his outfit 5 times!

1. So many characters! At the end of such an epic battle Mickey and all of the audience are treated to a view of the heroes of Disney on the Steamboat Willie model Steamboat. You can see over 25 characters all on this one boat! Characters to look for include, Pinocchio, Ariel and Prince Eric, Pluto, Snow White and Prince Charming, and many more. Mickey also lights up the sky with fireworks and sparklers to celebrate this magical ending.

Fantasmic is very popular, and that is for good reason! Make sure you take the time to stay a little late and see this show when you are visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If possible use a FastPass to get good seats, or line up very early for this show, as the stadium will fill up almost every night of the year!

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