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Disney Hollywood Studios

Welcome to all things Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida!

Disney Fans Reminisce Over Original Fan-Favorite Attraction Video Footage

Original Star Tours

The Hollywood Studios Star Tours attraction is well over 34 years old at this point. The ride has undergone many changes over the years, but it has consistently remained a staple attraction for Walt Disney World. Star Tours was shut down and updated back in 2010, just before Disney officially purchased Lucasfilm, leaving many modern fans with no memory of ...

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‘Encanto’ Retheme for Disney’s Tower of Terror?

encanto tower of terror

We don’t talk about…Encanto rides at Walt Disney World. It’s been a few years since the Disney fan-favorite animated movie was released and Bruno was introduced to homes worldwide, but we still have no confirmed details of when the Madrigal family will be getting their own Disney theme parks attraction. With rumors swirling about upcoming refurbs, would Disney try to cater ...

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All About the Long Legacy of Disney Fireworks

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse holding hands and smiling on the left, while Donald Duck and Daisy Duck do the same on the right. They stand in front of a vibrant, Disney fireworks-lit castle, radiating colorful lights and celebratory sparks in the background.

Fireworks have long been an integral part of the overall magical experience to be had while visiting Disney parks throughout the world. They are, essentially, to Disney what popcorn is to movies—a well-matched accompaniment that goes so perfectly together. And watching one of Disney’s renowned fireworks spectaculars undeniably remains a hallmark rite of passage for any and all guests making ...

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Sanity-Saving Tips For Walt Disney World with a Baby or Toddler

guests riding dumbo, magic kingdom

Visiting Walt Disney World Resort with a baby or a toddler can be a dream vacation…or not. There are many factors that may play into the success of such an endeavor. But the most important one is you (or the adult bringing the child) prepare for it. Taking a few moments (or hours) to plan, prepare, and research can make ...

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Walt Disney World’s Most Overrated Attractions

man looking at his phone, shocked, thunder mountain

I have to start this article by saying I love all things Disney. That said, while there are many amazing rides in the parks that are well worth waiting for, there are also several that are perhaps a little overhyped; unfortunately, not every Walt Disney World attraction is equal. This isn’t to say all of these overrated rides need to ...

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Guest Accuses Disney of “Dehumanizing” Ride Passengers


Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are meant to be all about the classic “Disney magic” that The Walt Disney Company is known for. However, Disney’s reputation has taken a plummet recently as the Disney parks become synonymous with “waiting, whining, and abysmal food” (as one journalist put it), and that highlight known as Disney magic often seems scarce ...

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Is a Solo Disney Vacation Worth It? Here’s the Verdict

guest wearing cinderella-inspired ears

Die-hard Disney Fanatics know the parks aren’t just for the kids—they’re arguably geared more toward the Disney Adults who frequent them. While it’s one thing to enjoy Disney as an adult, it’s another to venture there solo. Before taking the plunge to book her solo soiree in Disney, user u/stephanne423 ​​took to Reddit to see whether or not the trip ...

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We Asked ChatGPT to Plan a Day at Disney World: You Won’t Dare Take Your Kids Using This Plan

Exhausted Family at Disney World

Short on time and want a “Best of Walt Disney World” experience? When visiting Disney World with a limited amount of time, most would-be visitors might ask an experienced Disney-loving friend or travel agent or, better yet, read Disney Fanatic’s Top 20 Tips to create a perfect trip. But what about asking ChatGPT? I wondered how good the chatbot would ...

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Child Reportedly Whipped by Parent in Front of Disney Security

A detailed model of the millennium falcon parked in a rocky, otherworldly landscape under a dramatic, cloud-filled sky, portraying a scene from a star wars-themed park.

WARNING: The following article mentions and/or discusses topics that may be distressing for certain audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.  Sometimes, a Disney vacation feels more like an exercise program. You walk mile after mile, and, by the end of the day, you are absolutely wiped and excited to crawl into your bed. Add to that, long lines, big crowds, and ...

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