Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Welcome to all things Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida!

Spooky Photo Ops Arrive at Walt Disney World for ‘Halfway to Halloween’

Walt Disney World is celebrating ‘Halfway to Halloween’ by launching new, and unseasonably spooky offerings in Disney Parks and online for fans following along at home! In addition to an online Hocus Pocus (1993) watch party, Disney has a special (and secretive) live stream coming tomorrow night, April 28, 2022. The latest ‘Halfway to Halloween’ update comes to Walt Disney ...

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Ungranted Wishes: The Disney World Attractions That Never Were

Never built Beastly Kingdom art concept

The Walt Disney Company is renowned for being the ultimate creative team of magical experiences, bringing dreams to life and granting countless wishes for all fans. This initiative, which we see echoed throughout various Disney Parks all over the world, rings true through their seemingly unending abundance of optimal attractions. But what if we told you that there were even ...

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10 Ways to Celebrate This May With Disney+

Disney May celebrations are underway at Walt Disney World theme park in beautiful central Florida. We are still in the middle of the Disney World 50th anniversary celebration also known as “the world’s most magical celebration“. Disney characters have returned to meet and greets for greatly missed hugs your favorite Disney Princess and everyone’s favorite Mouse. April 22nd marked the ...

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The Many Conservation Efforts at Work on Walt Disney World Property


Our Earth is our home and the home of countless other creatures as well. It also supplies so many natural life-giving sources. Protecting our planet, preserving it, and conserving it should be at the very core of our overall existence and our number one responsibility in life. The Walt Disney Company understands this, demonstrating time and again their social responsibility ...

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A Boat Lover’s Guide to Staying Afloat While Visiting Disney World

Boat services at Disney

Are you a boat lover with upcoming plans for visiting Walt Disney World Resort in the near future? Perhaps you’re even under the impression that Disney World is limited to Park and Resort-based activities that include very little in the way of satisfying your own true boating enthusiasm. Well, you’d be wrong to assume so, because Walt Disney World Resort ...

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios Welcomes Back Beloved “Humongous” Character


Time to plan a visit to Walt Disney World Resort! With the 50th Anniversary in full swing, entertainment, dining, and characters are making a comeback, including this fan-favorite “humongous” character. April 18, 2022, is a BIG day! After years of awkward socially distancing and being 6-feet apart after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney Guests are FINALLY able to ...

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Why The Former NBA Experience Should Be Disney Escape Rooms

With the NBA Experience long closed at this point, what could be next for the space? Given Disney’s immersive storytelling experience, escape rooms seem like the way to go! Here’s why the former NBA Experience space could be Orlando’s next great escape room. Disney Quest Disney Springs, formally known as Downtown Disney, is the home of many immersive attractions and ...

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