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By now, most folks probably already know that the Walt Disney Company has a dress code in place for folks visiting Disney Parks. Most of the enforced rules and restrictions are pretty commonsense no-brainer requests, like not wearing shirts that contain obscenities or uses offensive language or not allowing Guests to don revealing clothing that’s unsuitable to a wholesome, family-friendly theme park environment. But in addition to such obvious red-flag callouts, there is a whole slew of other gray area suggestions you may want to think twice about wearing if you plan to spend an entire day in the Parks. While there are no restrictions to most of the items on this list, you may come to the conclusion that it’s better to simply forgo these 10 impractical wears just the same.

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10. Heavy Textured Clothing

Denim, corduroy, leather, and other thick materials are neither ideal for the Central Florida heat of Walt Disney World Resort nor the sizzling surroundings of Disneyland Resort in California. Of course, there are those occasional cool evenings, in which case you may want to head back to your Disney Resort room and change into something warmer before attending a nighttime spectacular or enjoying continued later-in-the-day fun. But I’m primarily referring to those who intend to spend a lengthy majority in a Park (or Parks) from start to finish.

While the decision to wear Jeans is a popular choice for most folks, it may not be the best consideration for those spending hours on end at Disney Parks. This is especially true of long, thick jeans more so than denim shorts or capris. They’re just too heavy, unbreathable, and uncomfortable if they get wet! Just think of an attraction like Kali River Rapids over at Animal Kingdom Park in Disney World and try to imagine the experience in jeans! Get the picture?

Up close look at long denim pants

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9. White Pants/Shorts

Even if it isn’t after Labor Day, you will do well by avoiding white-colored bottoms at all costs when visiting any theme park. It’s just not practical. Even if you’re as careful as can be, white bottoms are magnets for dirtiness. Despite being in a seemingly pristine Disney Park, it can’t be avoided. Think about all the times in which you will be sitting down in spaces that were previously occupied. From attraction seats to public benches, and public transportation to restaurant chairs. Even if you aren’t sitting, you may end up leaning or brushing up against a grimy pole, wall, or something else.

Aside from dirtiness, depending on the material for your white bottoms, there may be a bit of translucence you’re hoping to avoid. This is especially true if you find that a water ride has permeated your posterior a little more than expected.

Just play it safe and opt for a darker color. Even a nice beige hue would be better, as trace markings would be less likely to show up and stand out.

Family at Disney BoardWalk wearing bright colors.

Credit: Disney

8. Floor-Length Skirts and Dresses

While Disney’s Dress Code makes note that torn or hanging clothing poses a safety hazard, the decision to wear long skirts and dresses is more at the discretion of Guests, who may make their own judgment calls accordingly. Still, even if Disney doesn’t prohibit the wearing of such articles, perhaps you should look for something more practical to wear to the Parks.

It goes without saying that it’s harder to get around and do all that walking if you have all that long, hanging material constantly getting in the way. And sometimes, having to take stretching steps onto certain attractions, like the Jungle Cruise, can be difficult as well. And can you just imagine the difficulty of mounting a banshee for Avatar Flight of Passage over at the Animal Kingdom in Disney World in a confining getup?

What about the heat of midday? Or even worse, what if a nice sweeping breeze comes in, and you’re trying to ward off a Marilyn Monroe moment?

Sure, you may want to wear skirts and dresses in some cases, like going out to dinner at a nice restaurant or enjoying a day of shopping at Disney World’s Disney Springs or Disneyland’s Downtown Disney. But for those strictly remaining in the Parks all day long, it can get really uncomfortable fast!

Long thick skirt

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7. Short Shorts and Mini Skirts

While not going too long where skirts and dresses are concerned, you may also want to avoid going too short in regards to the skirts and shorts you wear to Disney. While the Disney Dress Code does have some flags out, there are other options that may make it past the radar, but Guests would still do better in avoiding just the same.

If you’re out and about in a hot, humid climate, things tend to ride up a bit. This may lead you into an ongoing tug-of-war of sorts with your clothing. And who really wants to be pulling down in “that” area for the entire duration of the day? Also, the “riding up” can lead to some uncomfortable chaffing as well, especially when you’re constantly sitting against public seating, sometimes with hard, exposed surfaces and germs.

Short shorts

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6. Nothing Too Tight or Skimpy

Again, Disney is pretty good about cracking down on tops that are altogether too exposing for a family-friendly setting. Still, it’s surprising just how many people do not practice commonsense in making judgment calls on which tops to leave off the Disney packing list.

Even if you’re adhering to the bare minimum standards in what Disney may allow, you need to do your own little self-evaluation on the wardrobe you are intending to wear. For instance, even if you think that a sleeveless top is modest, do everyone a favor and just don’t! Too much can go wrong if you stretch, bend, or turn the wrong way. And the consequences can be pretty embarrassing for you and others, to say the least.

Skintight outfits of all kinds can be inappropriate for many reasons. And while I’m not going to list every possible scenario—most of which should be pretty self-explanatory—I must again reiterate the importance of using sound judgment in what you choose to wear and not wear. And remember, whatever you wear, you’re going to be wearing it all day. Keep comfort at the forefront of your mind rather than what’s trending and stylish.

Tight tank tops

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5. High Heels

As I just mentioned, comfort is of the utmost importance in what you wear for an entire day spent at Disney Parks. And whichever Disney destination you flock to, you’re bound to do a lot of walking. So do be mindful when considering what you wear on your feet as well. Sorry to the ladies trying to keep up with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck, but you would do well to forego wearing high heels while running around the Parks for an entire day. You don’t want to end up twisting your ankle, or grimacing in tight, pinching, after all.

Even those who do not normally walk a lot can easily average 10 or more miles of walking a day while on a Disney vacation. So do yourself a favor and opt for a comfortable pair of sneakers instead.

High Heels

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4. Flip Flops

In continuing on with the importance of comfort for your feet, I must reiterate my previous statement about sneakers being the preferred go-to for trekking the Parks all day long. Sure, there are folks who complain about their feet getting hot, itchy, or sweaty, but do yourself a favor and skip the flip flops.

In most cases, flip flops are far too flimsy and offer virtually no support. They also break pretty easily and just aren’t up to par with lengthy walking. What’s more, you may end up with blisters or even stubbing your toe/skidding your foot painfully if you are not careful. And then, let’s not forget about the possibility of losing one on specific attractions. And just as a reminder, Disney does not let Guests go about barefooted.

If the idea of wearing a confining sneaker is too much, there are more supportive, open-toe options to consider, many of which include better arch support, shock absorbers, and all-around comfort.

Disney branded Flip flops

Credit: shopDisney

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3. Bulky Jewelry

Again, be mindful of comfort and practicality over what’s trending and stylish. That means avoiding piling up your arms, neck, and fingers with rows and rows of necklaces, bracelets, and rings. And try not to wear overly huge earrings either. Wearing far too much jewelry to Disney Parks can pose many problems. Not only can ornate, overly flashy presentations be distracting, but they can be clinky, noisy, and even hazardous in a number of ways. So, just play it safe and leave all the overtly ornate decorations off of your person. Your experience will have you shining plenty without all that fanfare.

Thick, bulky necklace

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2. Oversized Backpacks

 When you plan to spend an entire day at Disney Parks, and you just happen to have a big group with you, you may find the need to pack a lot of extra essentials, like snacks, ponchos, sunblock, etc. On the flip side, you don’t want to be a Disney Parks packrat, lugging around an oversized bag on your back all day! Remember, you will need to have all bags checked at security upon entering any Disney Park. And if you have a big and bulky bag loaded up with stuff, it can be distracting and slowing to the overall process. Then let’s not forget how hard it will be to navigate the Parks and even riding the rides with such a stash.

Be mindful of bringing just the essentials. And if you really do need more items, given a larger party size, perhaps you and a few members of your party can divide the goods up among two or three smaller bags.

A giant backpack

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1. The Wrong Kind of Makeup

No, Disney will not prohibit anyone from entering the Parks on account of wearing the wrong makeup. And by wearing the wrong kind of makeup, I am simply referring to the often-overlooked bad-idea compounds that many don’t even realize they’re wearing until well into the day. You know how it is, when you apply makeup in your Resort room, and then sometime during a bathroom break later on you get a glance at yourself in the mirror, only to gasp in horror at your shiny and greasy face, running mascara, and those unsightly uneven blush patterns on your cheeks!

Between humidity, sudden rain showers, being splashed on water rides, or simply crying tears of joy, there are many factors that can cause one’s cosmetics to drip away, smear, or become messy over the course of the day. The solution? Consider bringing waterproof makeup with you on your Disney vacation or those designed for sports/athletics (yes, they exist). You may want to opt for something with SPF protection in the formula as well.

Assorted makeup

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When deciding what to wear and what not to wear for a day spent at Disney Parks, everyone must essentially make their own judgment calls about what works best for them. While these suggestions may help you to plan accordingly, there may be alternate considerations in place for individuals in addition to the ones highlighted here. It all comes down to being as comfortable as you can while enjoying the magic of Disney.

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