Do You Know About These REAL Magical Mailbox Locations Within Disney World Parks?

Mailboxes in Disney World

You’re on vacation at the most magical place on Earth—the one and only Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Sure, you miss the folks back home, but that doesn’t change a thing about your blissfulness for being here. In fact, your ardent wish is to share your joy with friends and family who could not make it here via a warm, heartfelt letter or postcard that not only locks in the full magic of the Disney experience but also comes straight from the source. Anyone can buy some nicely themed character stationary from any store and then send their intentions from their Resort lobby or even by visiting a public mailbox on some street corner within the greater Orlando area (or the post office), but perhaps the most magical undertaking of all is to send your salutations directly from an existing Disney theme Park location. That’s right. There are actually quite a few real-life mailboxes you can locate throughout the four Disney Parks in which you can mail your greetings and good wishes. Perhaps you’ve seen a couple in passing and thought they were Park props. Well, they’re not. And as long as you have the needed postage, you may rest assured that your messages will make it to the intended recipient (s). Here’s a look at where you can find various mailboxes throughout Disney World parks.

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Magic Kingdom Park

Main Street, U.S.A., in particular, is one of those quaint, nostalgic places you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time within Magic Kingdom Park. And it is here that you’ve likely passed by a couple of mailbox locations without even realizing it. The best-known one is perhaps that vintage-looking green letterbox right outside of City Hall. Folks may also usually find mailbox setups underneath the Main Street Train Station, close to the Park entrance.

Main Street Mailbox graphic

Main Street, U.S.A., isn’t the only place to find a mailbox within the realm of the Magic Kingdom, though. For those out and about Frontierland, you will also find a trusty letterbox located at the Trading Post Building, close to the Country Bear Jamboree attraction. And it’s also worth mentioning that over at Liberty Square, at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, there is a nice little mailbox at which you may send letters to Santa.

Letters to Santa at Liberty Square

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EPCOT is not without its own various mailbox locations. While setups for where to find various letterboxes throughout this Park have changed over the years, most often, you can find such mailbox locations at the various entryways. Historically, there’s been a quaint British-style letterbox over in the United Kingdom Pavilion, unassumingly hidden in plain sight. Two well-known current locations also include the mailbox over at the Entrance Plaza and the one inside the Mexico Pavilion.

EPCOT UK Mailbox

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Hollywood Studios

Is there something about quaint nostalgia and the idea of writing home? Given today’s text, type, and media-dominated lifestyles, the answer is probably yes. So, it goes without saying that Hollywood Studios and its Golden Age of Hollywood format would be home to a couple of rotating old-timey mailbox locations as well. The best-known example is perhaps that prominent 1940s-like standout box right outside of Oscar’s Super Service, near the Park’s main entrance.

Hollywood Studios Mailbox

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Animal Kingdom

Want to send something “wild” in the way of a written letter or postcard home while out and about at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park? The best-known location for doing so is that unique red letterbox near the Harambe section of Africa in the Park. There’s just something undeniably exotic about its presentation. And this is the one most folks seek out for such an obvious reason. Additionally, you will find a mailbox located right at the entranceway to the Park at Garden Gate Gifts.

Harambe mailbox

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Where to Buy Postage

The mailboxes throughout Walt Disney World are all legit, on loan by the United States Post Office, as denoted in the various disclaimers you will see on so many. Because of this, you must do your part in sending letters and postcards by securing adequate postage. So, now begs the question of where you can locate said postage stamps. There are several venues to take note of throughout the Parks, including the following:

Magic Kingdom Park

  • Main Street Chamber of Commerce
  • Newsstand


  • Art of Disney
  • Heritage Manor
  • Hollywood Studios
  • Celebrity 5 & 10
  • Mickey’s of Hollywood
  • Movieland Memorabilia

Animal Kingdom Park

  • Garden Gate Gifts
  • The Outpost Shop

Disney Springs

  • Disney Springs Welcome Center
  • Sundries
  • Transportation & Ticket Center
  • Mickey’s Gift Station

Guests take note that some Guest Service locations allow you the opportunity to include additional magical touches and enhancements to the letters or postcards you send. These often take the form of special Disney postmarks and stamps, denoting the magical place of origin by which your wishes are being sent. One of the most popular places to get unique magical stamping done is the Chamber of Commerce on Main Street, U.S.A. of the Magic Kingdom.


Mailing Packages

While mailing letters and postcards is a relatively easy endeavor, do take note that mailing a larger parcel or even a package is not so doable in comparison. In truth, packages cannot currently be sent out from within the limits of Walt Disney World Resort. However, Guests may still have pre-packed or pre-labeled packages shipped to the front desk of their respective Disney Resort locations, in most cases, and can then pack and ship out what they hope to send home accordingly via USPS services. It’s also possible to receive packages to your hotel via an outside source. To keep up with all the latest, read about Disney World mail policies here.

Mailing at Disney Resorts

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Mailbox locations throughout Walt Disney World are known to shift locations at times. But they all generally can be found within the same continuous vicinity, even though you may be required to do a little light detective work in tracking them down.

Every mail day, that day’s mail is collected by Cast Members and then sent over to the United States Post Office to be sorted and sent out accordingly. That’s how it all works, in a nutshell. If you were ever wondering how these unassuming, magical mailboxes throughout the Parks are able to transport your messages with such timeliness and efficiency.

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