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Shopping around Walt Disney World Resort can really be a lot of fun. From quaint little stores and venues throughout the four theme parks to unique finds within the various Resorts, and then, of course, there’s that whole impressive setup making up Disney Springs. There is no shortage of possibilities for what you can find at Walt Disney World Resort. Some venues even offer unique personalization or customization services on various buys as well.

While shopping for and purchasing unique finds may be the primary reason why most folks visit a particular venue, sometimes it isn’t the only draw. There are actually plenty of stores all throughout Disney World to check out solely for the interactive experiences they provide as well. These locations are just as much known for customer engagement as they are for selling standout products. Here are nine examples of some of the most engaging shops to spend time at in Walt Disney World.

9. LEGO Store

Even if you aren’t a major LEGO fan, this is one of the most impressive, awe-inspiring venues to check out while making your rounds at Disney Springs. It’s just amazing to come in and gawk at all the meticulous marvels and outstanding display features—as though you are visiting more of a museum than an actual store.

LEGO Store at Disney Springs

Credit: LEGO

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As I said, you don’t have to necessarily be a LEGO fan to enjoy this place, but if you happen to be it only enhances the appreciation for coming here. They have pretty much everything a LEGO enthusiast could ever find, with endless possibilities in color, shape, theme, parts, and so on and so forth. You’ll find themed specifics, like Disney and Star Wars brands, but so many others as well. And that impressive Pick And Build Wall in the store is a sight to behold indeed!

The Disney Springs LEGO Store also presents the LEGO Minifigure Factory experience to Guests. This is an in-store interactive activity zone where visitors get to customize their very own LEGO figurines from more than 150 templates to choose from. You may even use paints and different brushes for added effects and callouts. This is the only LEGO Store in North America to offer such an experience.

8. M&M’S Shop

It doesn’t get much better when you have an all-immersive shop dedicated to one of the world’s most iconic candy brands on location at one of the world’s most iconic vacation spots. But that’s only part of the reason why the M&M’S Shop at Disney Springs is a must-visit venue. There’s also the whole in-store experience that goes along with it. Not only can you find novelty merchandise but also some of the most exclusive flavor combinations you never even knew M&M’S made.

M&M'S at Disney Springs

Credit Disney

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The store also has customizable stations and photo areas where you can add your own images or messages onto M&M’S candy shells. It’s a store you can easily spend hours at, especially if you get caught up in the customization experiences at hand.

7. Coca-Cola Shop

Here is another iconic product brand housed at the same iconic location at Disney Springs. This multi-level shop and drink stop, presented within a building designed to resemble a 1920s bottling plant no less, provides visitors with everything they could ever hope to find in the way of merch and even esoteric drink finds from all over the world in association with the Coca-Cola brand.

Meeting Polar Bear at Coca-Cola

Credit: Disney Springs

Up on the second floor, you can even enjoy a unique character meet-and-greet option of sorts. That’s right, the one and only Coca-Cola Polar Bear is there, ready and waiting to snap a couple of photos with you.

In addition to being a “shop,” there is also a rooftop drink bar to check out. Here you can enjoy specialty drink novelties featuring some of your favorite Coke options.

6. Club Cool

Disney Springs isn’t the only place boasting a unique Coca-Cola shop. While on a much smaller scale, there’s plenty to be said about Club Cool over in EPCOT. Again, you will find plenty of merchandise and even more exotic product lines featuring Coke-affiliated beverages from around the world.

 Club Cool

Credit: Inside the Magic

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But what is perhaps the venue’s biggest draw are those complimentary beverage stations found throughout the store, allowing Guests to taste unlimited samplings of international soda fixings.

5. Launch Bay Cargo

If you are a diehard Star Wars fan, then here is one of quite a couple of must-visit venues to come out and explore while at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s here that you will find one of the most profuse supplies of all things Star Wars in the way of merchandise, accessories, and even replicated movie props.

Launch Bay Cargo

Credit: Disney

This is also one of the best places to personalize a themed phone case that goes above and beyond. Additionally, you will be nothing short of awestruck by the many figures and statues, leading this to stand out as both a museum as well as a shopping venue.

4. Savi’s Workshop

Here is another Star Wars fan favorite to check out. Located unassumingly within Black Spire Outpost at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, this venue offers up a truly engaging experience that enables Guests to design, assemble, and essentially “build” their very own lightsabers.

Lightsabers built at Disney by Guests

Credit: Disney

Savi’s Gatherers are there to help you choose from one of four available hilt themes. And they provide a cloisonné pin to indicate these decisions.

The entire experience is a fun, interactive pursuit that may last for up to a half hour or so. And because it is such a must-do for Star Wars fans, reservations are strongly encouraged.

3. Droid Depot

Lightsabers aren’t the only things you can build within the Black Spire Outpost over at Galaxy’s Edge. There’s also the Droid Depot. And if the name isn’t indicative enough about what goes on here, you get to come out and construct your own customized droid. Choose from either the BB-Series or the R-Series; they have all the parts you will ever need. Once completed, your droid will be paired with a remote control and brought to life.

Droid Depot

Credit: Disney

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This can be a most exciting interactive experience to take in. And on a similar note to Savi’s, making reservations in advance is highly recommended.

2. Build-A-Dino by Build-A-Bear Workshop

T-REX Café over at Disney Springs is a known favorite dining venue with in-house special effects, animatronic dinosaurs, and befittingly named themed entrées. But it also has adjoining retail components in addition to an interactive dig site. While the gift shop is great for accessories and merchandise, one of the more engaging pursuits to take to onsite here is their Build-A-Dino Workshop. If you know how Build-A-Bear works, it’s pretty similar, except for the fact that you will be creating your very own “friendosaur” rather than a customizable bear buddy.


Credit: Disney Springs

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The experience packs in all the same excitement of designing, dressing, embroidering, and even including a special recorded message for your new friend to express. It’s truly one of those engaging endeavors you can easily end up spending far more time at than you even realized.

1. Memento Mori

Over in Magic Kingdom Park, there is one rather unassuming shop that’s a pretty big deal for “die” hard fans who know of its existence. It’s none other than Memento Mori. A fun, curiosities shop of sorts, themed after Madame Leota’s extended storyline from Disney’s Haunted Mansion Attraction, no less, you can find many unique novelties among macabre merchandise in stock.

But what’s extra special about this place is the fact that there are in-house special effects to watch out for as well. From faces appearing in mirrors to changing portrait paintings, not to mention other sounds and sights you may be lucky to catch, the effects make shopping here an even more engaging endeavor.

Memento Mori

Credit: Disney

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In addition to being a place to find some unique accessories and such, Memento Mori is also home to a Spirit Photography studio experience. How it works is that you have your photo taken via a vintage daguerreotype. But what the developed plate will reveal is a more “spirited” version of yourself. If you dare, it’s definitely worth pursuing.

There are just so many fun places to shop throughout Walt Disney World. And depending on your own personal interests, there are certainly many other venues you may want to rightfully add to your list of engaging shops to spend time at. One of the many things the Walt Disney Company excels at is engaging Guests with the most magical experiences around. And this carries over to all its existing venues so impeccably.

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