Here’s Why the M&M Store at Disney Springs Is Our New Favorite Spot

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M&M’s candy fans rejoice, because there’s a new sweet spot to take notice of over at Disney Springs. It’s none other than the latest in a chain of official experimental M&M’s stores to open up, and this time the location is Disney based. M&M’s morsels paired with the delights of Disney make an undeniably enticing combination, so we really have no need to candy coat our praises any further by explaining. Let the facts speak for themselves on why the M&M’s Store at Disney Springs is our new favorite spot.


1. The Store

The new state-of-the-art facility at Disney Springs marks the fifth in the chain of “official” M&M’s stores across the globe, owned and operated by Mars, Inc. Spanning an impressive 10,000 square feet certainly allows for many in-store offerings and interactive experiences alike (which we will cover in just a bit). Even though the doors have been open to the public since January 30 of this year, the always-fresh smell of milk chocolate still permeates the air in a decadent endorsement to the senses, as bright and colorful hues encircle you, coming from all different directions via the myriad surrounding products. Do take note upon entering, as you will even find life-size replicas of M&M’s two most popular personalities—Red and Yellow. They’re there to take selfies with, which is highly encouraged, by the way.

Credit: Disney

2. Optimal Hours and Location

Let’s be honest, your sweet tooth knows no set clock hours, and sometimes you can’t help but feed the urge to indulge in M&M’s candy well before lunchtime. Or perhaps you’re looking for a late night sugar rush. In both cases you’re in luck, because the M&M’s Store opens early at 10 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and remains in full operation up through 10 p.m. on these days! They also stay open an additional hour, until 11 p.m., on Fridays and Saturdays! And with it’s location on the West Side of Disney Springs, you’re right in the heart of all the action, with plenty of other pleasing venues to check out while you’re at it. 

3. Sweet Novelties

You may think that you have all your favorite M&M’s flavors and combinations down, but you probably haven’t even touched on a fraction of every option that exists out there! The fact is most M&M’s vendors have limitations on what they supply. But wholesale facilities know no such restrictions, and that is why this store offers plenty of Mars Candy exclusives you’ll only find here and nowhere else. What’s more, you can also find a lot of really excellent deals for buying bulk quantities of your favorites (new and already familiar) along with plenty of uniquely packaged products.

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4. Fill-It-Yourself Tubes

Like we said before, you probably don’t even know a fraction of the diverse varieties of flavors and combinations of M&M’s candies out there. Well here’s the time to learn and customize while you’re at it. And there’s no better way to do so than by heading over to the one and only fill-it-yourself tubes. Taking up a large portion of wall space, you can pick and choose from well over 100 different tubes filled more than 9,000 pounds of profuse M&M’s options. You’ll find just about every flavor combo you can imagine and even some you never even considered! Mix, match, fill a $15.98 clear plastic bag designed to hold up to two pounds of candy, or personalize via a souvenir cup ranging in multiple different sizes and prices.

Credit: Disney

5. Design-You-Own Kiosk

If every flavor imaginable isn’t enough, you can even custom design your very own images onto the candy-coated shell of your intended savory morsels as well! There’s a kiosk located in the center of the store that guests can utilize for such purposes. You are allowed to customize up to four different design patterns per order you place, with seemingly limitless possibilities for text, icons, and even photos. There are, of course pre-selected templates to choose from, including those of Disney themes, but the options also allow for you to come up with your own considerations. Have a unique photo you want to use on your phone? Upload it yourself in-store. You can even have photos taken onsite if you so desire.

6. M&M’s Mirror

Another interactive in-store experience, not yet available but coming soon, is the M&M’s Mirror. While we still don’t know a whole lot about this future offering, it’s one more exciting thing to look forward to. What we do know is that it will allow guests to create custom M&M’s-themed emojis via some form of facial recognition/mirroring function. Due to the current situation with pandemic restrictions still being implemented at Disney, however, this feature will not be functioning while facemasks are still required. But it’s something we’re excited about as we look forward to another reason to love it here!

7. Beyond the Chocolate Merch

In-store goods aren’t limited to just chocolate goodness. Here you will find many other M&M’s themed products that go beyond what is edible to include such finds as apparel, housewares, stationary items, Christmas ornaments, and so much more. You name it and they’ve probably got it. Is now the time to upgrade your kitchen design to one that follows an M&M’s theme? Well then, by all means, stop on by and buy everything you could possibly want. Apparel ranges in all ages, sizes, styles, and fashions, and even includes baby clothes. In repeat summary, here you will find just what you’re looking for, whatever you’re looking for via M&M’s theme.

Credit: Disney

8. Uniquely Disney

All official M&M’s Store locations around the world boast plenty of comparable onsite experiences, including available customization options, extensive merchandise picks, and so much more. Still, the Disney Springs location stands out from all the rest as being the only one where you will find exclusive co-branded Disney and M&M’s merchandise picks alike. From apparel to the candies themselves, themed packaging and a wide range of other items, the combined pairing of these two premiums work in conjunction with one another to deliver on a one-of-a-kind exclusive in-house experience that reigns supreme. It’s the perfect blend of M&M’s deliciousness and Disney magic—the best of both worlds!

Credit: Disney

A stop in at the M&M’s Store while out and about Disney Springs is an absolute must for any diehard lover of these famed candied confections. We can guarantee that it will sweeten your experience at Walt Disney World even more, and your taste buds will thank you too! So go ahead and let your mouth experience some happiness too at the happiest place in the world!

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