8 Reasons You Should Be Using Disney Floral & Gifts

If you ask even the most seasoned Disney veterans about Disney Floral & Gifts, you’ll find that many of them are completely unaware of the magic that this department is capable of creating. This surprisingly well-kept secret is responsible for over 40 years of delivering amazing memories. Here are 8 reasons why you might want to contact Disney Floral & Gifts before your next trip!

8. Flowers, Of Course!

First and foremost, the Disney Floral & Gifts department has flowers. If you would like to have a beautiful arrangement of flowers to enjoy in your room over the duration of your stay at Disney World Resort, they can make it happen. But this is Disney so even a bouquet of cut flowers gets that extra magical touch, whether it’s a vase in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s or Donald Duck’s feet, Nemo and Dory figures swimming through your arrangement, or maybe roses with a villainous touch! And you can add jewelry to your purchases to make an even more special arrangement.

7. Princess / Fairy Tale Proclamations

Among the packages that you can have delivered to your room are these extraordinary gifts for the little Snow White or Cinderella in your life. You can have your little girl officially named a princess with a gift that includes a royal proclamation signed by her favorite Disney princess, a princess robe and tiara, and a light-up crystal slipper! Other packages are available so that you can tailor your gift specifically to your little girl’s tastes. Options for those packages include a Princess banner hung on your resort room door, a proclamation signed by Fairy Godmother, a princess balloon, and a box of princess treasures. Make her wish come true with a package that’s fit for a royal ball!

6. Pirate / Star Wars Packages

Lest you think that Disney has nothing for the little prince in your life, Disney Floral has pirate and Star Wars themed packages that are sure to put a huge smile on any boy’s face. Pirate packages include such options as a Beware! banner hung on your resort room door, a skull with glowing eyes, a skull and crossbones blanket, and even a note from Captain Jack Sparrow! Other packages include such items as pirate hats, a hook to wear on your hand, pirate swords, and a number of other pirate add-ons. The Star Wars packages include options like Star Tours travel bags, light sabers, Darth Vader figures, and other treats for your young Jedi. Or you can always combine items from the pirate and Star Wars packages to create an Arrr2D2 gift that your little boy is sure to remember!

5. Special Delivery

Sometimes, location is everything. You don’t necessarily have to have your Disney gift package delivered to your room. If the occasion calls for it, you can have it delivered to select table service restaurants on Disney property – typically those that feature character or princess meals. You can make your celebratory meal that much more special. And for those couples who book a romantic carriage ride, you can have a glass slipper delivered to kick things off Cinderella-style!

4. In-Room Celebrations

Disney can provide a touch of magic to any occasion that you celebrate on property. Whether it’s a loved one’s birthday or anniversary, a romantic getaway, or a congratulatory celebration, Disney Floral has packages that make the occasion truly memorable. Or maybe you’re just celebrating the fact that you finally made it to Disney World! In that case, Disney Floral has Welcome packages that start your vacation off on a high note. Items such as Glow with the Show ears, Mickey vision glasses, and photo memory cards ensure that you’re ready for your day in the parks.

3. Celebrations at Home

Is your next trip to Disney World still many months away? Would you like to feel a little bit of that Disney magic at home? Disney Floral offers delivery of their wonderful packages from their castle to yours! You don’t need to make the trip all the way to Disney World to get a special gift from Mickey; you can share a little bit of pixie dust with your family by having it delivered. That’s one way to make the time between Disney World visits go by a little bit faster!

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2. Personalized Magical Memories – Dream Maker

Disney is always willing to assist you in making a dream come true. Disney Floral has Dream Makers that can work with you to personalize any package to make it exactly what you want it to be. Put together a romantic package for your significant other that they will never forget. Or you could always put together something special just for yourself. You deserve it!

1. Holidays

Holidays are always busy at the Disney World Resort, because there’s nothing like enjoying those special days at the Happiest or Most Magical Place on Earth. You can make them even more special with packages from Disney Floral. Whether it’s a basket of treats for Easter, a Disney Villain assortment for Halloween, or roses and heart-shaped treats for Valentine’s Day, Disney Floral makes your holidays more festive. And imagine returning to your resort at Christmastime to find a fully decorated Christmas tree lighting up your room! What an incredible way to enjoy the holidays at Disney World.

Disney Floral & Gifts can add a little pixie dust to your already magical trip and turn it into a vacation that your family will never forget. What would be in your ideal Disney World Welcome Basket?

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