8 Syndromes a Walt Disney World Vacation is Perfect for Treating

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With Disney theme parks often referred to as the “happiest place on earth” or “the most magical place on earth,” it’s not surprising that millions of visitors are attracted to its turnstiles each and every year. However, did you know that when properly administered by a specialist, a large dose of Disney can cure most known ills? With tongue firmly in cheek, we present to you some of the most dreadful medical syndromes that a Disney World Vacation can help you overcome. It should be noted that all of these conditions require inpatient treatment!

8. Burnout-ectasis

This condition is most prevalent among men and women in monotonous workplaces. Acute tedium leads to mental and/or physical collapse, often accompanied by increasing levels of stress. The treatment consists of a broad spectrum Disney vacation that includes multiple parks and a variety of different rides and attractions. Even one dose can lead to a rapid and full recovery.

7. Nostalgia-myalgia

This disorder typically strikes adults ranging from middle age to their retirement years. Initially presenting itself as strong feelings of melancholy accompanied by a sense of loss, later symptoms may include a strong desire to look at childhood pictures, listening to Disney music, or cooking food items in Mickey Mouse-head shapes. A lengthy Disney treatment – often taking from two to three weeks or even longer – is the key to recovery. Patients fare much better if surrounded by children and grandchildren during treatment.

6. Be Our Guest-nosis

This ailment is generally found in male and female primary caregivers, or anyone else who typically puts the needs of others before their own. Feelings of being overwhelmed can lead to full body shutdown and intense feelings of resignation. Treatment for this condition is very specific and recovery must take place onsite at a Disney resort facility. The counteragent for Be Our Guest-nosis includes lengthy spa treatments, dining reservations, and pool isolation time. A prescription for Relaxicillin administered by loved ones generally speeds the recovery.

5. Boredom-edema

This sickness can strike men, women, and children of any age and is often made obvious by utterances such as “there’s nothing to do” or “what can we do now?” Boredom-edema is made especially notable due to a very curious side effect. It seems that the mere mention of treatment at a Disney facility begins the process of recovery and can often lead to feelings of euphoria and anticipation that last right up until treatment begins. The sufferers have even been known to count down the days until treatment officially starts. A single dose of Disney does wonders for this disease.


4. Hunger-phagia

A curious condition whose cases have increased exponentially in recent years, Hunger-phagia is marked by a gradual deadening of the taste buds in the sufferer and can be diagnosed by observing a lack of excitement or contentment around mealtimes. The treatment regimen includes dining in multiple Disney restaurants in a rotating fashion, and is often administered in a dining plan format. Patients who have successfully recovered from Hunger-phagia often call themselves “foodies.”

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3. Imagination-alysis

Although it was once strictly thought to be a malady affecting vision – due to the primary symptom being a strong conviction that the patient “had seen it all” – Imagination-alysis is now known to be a deficiency in visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory, and tactile stimuli. A study performed by the Disney Institute led to the Keep Moving Forward philosophy of treatment that can relieve sufferers of this condition by providing new and frequently changing stimuli at Disney Treatment Centers that are targeted toward all the senses.

2. Innocence-iasis

Perhaps the most tragic condition of all, Innocence-iasis – if left untreated – can lead to the complete loss of wonder and awe in patients. Occurring in men and women as early as the teen years, prolonged bouts of Innocence-iasis can lead to complications from the contraction of the additional afflictions Burnout-ectasis, Boredom-edema, and Imagination-alysis from this very list. Disney continues to lead the fight against this unfortunate infirmity, and great strides have been made by combining Disney treatment with Delighted Scream Therapy. Disney’s ultimate goal is the eradication of Innocence-iasis by maintaining child-like levels of wonder and awe, even in adults. The primary weapon in this fight is the nurturing of Disney Wishes in children around the world.

1. Character Withdrawal

In extreme cases, the administering of a Disney vacation to cure an ill can result in a syndrome of its own, known as Character Withdrawal. Patients suffering from this affliction develop a strong addiction to the Disney remedy. In these cases, follow-up doses of Disney vacations administered on a regular or even annual basis can ease the symptoms of withdrawal. A large dose of rides and attractions, combined with character meet and greets, Disney dining, and nighttime spectaculars, is the perfect antidote for even the most extreme symptoms. It is curious to note that with Character Withdrawal, a Disney vacation is both the cause of and solution to the syndrome!

As far as most Disney fanatics are concerned, Disney is indeed the cure to most if not all of life’s ills. Is your Disney getaway overdue? What’s your primary reason for needing a vacation at the Disney World Resort?

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