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8 Things No One Tells You About Traveling To The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is the most popular theme park in the world. With a constant influx of people each and every day, there are many important things that you need to know when you travel to the Magic Kingdom. Here is our list of the top eight things to know about how to get to the Magic Kingdom and some tips to help you get there a little bit easier!

8 – Pick Wisely – if you are driving yourself to the Magic Kingdom, know that there are two ways to get to the main gates of the Magic Kingdom. You can travel either by the Express Monorail or you can take a scenic voyage across the Seven Seas Lagoon on one of the ferry boats. Depending on the crowd levels, one may make a better choice than another, but both are enjoyable means to get to the Magic Kingdom.

7 – Be Early – the Magic Kingdom presents a welcome ceremony every morning as the park opens. The showtime varies because Disney will open the park based on the crowd levels they expect for the day. Even though “official” park opening time may be 9 AM, for example, Disney may open the turnstiles at 8:30 AM to ease crowds as the gates open. You’ll want to be early to take advantage of early admittance to the park, as well as to see the welcome ceremony!

6 – Bag Check – If you are carrying any kind of backpack, diaper bag, or stroller, you will have to go through bag check. To help make the process go a little bit faster, make sure you have all zippers opened so the security guards can look through your bag quickly. The security team at Disney do a wonderful job making the process as easy as possible, so be patient and you’ll be experiencing the fun inside the park in no time!

5 – New Security Protocols – as a result of recent world events, Disney has instituted new security protocols that require random screening through metal detectors. Unlike the airport, not every one will be required to go through screening, but just follow the directions of the security guards as you approach the gates.

4 – Take a Walk – with the large number of guests traveling to the Magic Kingdom from places on property, the Disney Transportation bus system can sometimes be very overwhelmed when traveling from another park to the Magic Kingdom. If this is the case during your trip, consider taking a bus from whatever park you are at to the Contemporary Resort and then walking the short distance between the two!

3 – Resort Monorail – if you’re trying to get back to the Transportation and Ticket Center and there is a huge line for the Express Monorail, you can always take the Resort Monorail line. You will have to make a stop at the Contemporary Resort, but the lines are much shorter generally for the Resort line, so you will make it back to your car quicker!

2 – Parking Lot is Far Away – don’t forget something in your car! Once you are in the Magic Kingdom parking lot, there is still a tram ride and a monorail or ferry ride before you are at the park. This can easily add twenty minutes to the beginning or the end of your trip, so double check that you have everything before beginning your trip to the Magic Kingdom!

1 – Explore the Resorts – if you have some extra time after your day at the Magic Kingdom, jump aboard one of the resort boats and hop off at one of the resorts and explore the shops, lounges, and restaurants that they have to offer! It is a great way to discover a little more of Disney World!

The Magic Kingdom is a special place and getting there and getting into the park can be a top priority on your vacation. These tips can help you enjoy your time at the Magic Kingdom – what is your favorite tip for getting to the Magic Kingdom?

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