8 Things You Must Know About Memory Maker At Disney World

Memory Maker is a great way to enjoy your theme park memories for years to come. This new innovative way to collect professional quality photos is quite popular now for many park guests. Simply pay one price for unlimited theme park photos of you and your party! This is one of the best souvenirs you can have from your trip, because lets face it, who doesn’t love all of the wonderful pictures Disney has to offer? Here are some of the things you may be wondering about Memory Maker before you purchase it for your next visit to the happiest place on earth!

8. Pre-Purchase Your Package

The Memory Maker package is available for purchase prior to your trip on the Walt Disney World website. This saves you time waiting in line at the parks! There are also some limited deals on this package if you pre-purchase it before your vacation dates, so it is worth looking into early to save some money. If you choose to do this to save money, be sure to do it at least a week prior to your trip because it will not include photos taken within three days of purchasing the package. If you purchase it the day before your arrival, you will unfortunately not have any photos for the first two days of your trip.

7. More Than Just Character Pictures

Aside from having pictures with the characters you meet, the Memory Maker package includes an array of photos beyond the characters. You will be able to obtain all (yes, all) of your pictures from rides, restaurants, water parks, and all over the parks (such as photos taken in front of the Iconic Cinderella castle). You don’t have to worry about asking anyone to take your picture either. With Memory Maker you will be able to have your whole party included in the pictures without the hassle of having one member left out because they have to take the photo. The Disney photographers are always ready to snap pictures of your family, so you wont have to worry about having your family take the pictures for you. Ride photos are also always fun to have because they show the true expressions of all of the members of your party (which are usually hilarious). Dining and water rides are also unique phots, so it’s nice that it is included in this package. Having all of the photos on the rides and during dining events with characters is a great way to collect memories for years to come.

6. Extra Magic

When you approach one of the Disney photographers to take your picture, be sure to let them know you have purchased Memory Maker. The photographers will go above and beyond to snap as many pictures as they can so that you have a variety to choose from. They will also make your party do several poses where they add digital animation to your photo for a little extra magic. Sometimes they also use props for your pictures as well! Some of the poses done by guests are adorable and make for great smiles when friends and family back home see vacation pictures.

5. Using Your MagicBand

Once you are in the park and your photos are being taken, the photographers will scan your magic band, where your pictures will be stored. It’s really simple and a great way to not worry about little tickets with photo numbers (like they used to give) getting lost throughout the day. When you depart form a ride or attraction, there are little stations where the pictures are displayed for guests to view in case they want to purchase them. You will find light up Mickey pads where you can press your magic band against it to save the ride photos as well. I have even noticed that some of my ride pictures are already on my magic band when I got home without scanning my band. It seems there is a way that the magic bands are detected on the rides which must be how this happens. Pretty magical is you ask me. Your magic band is a great way to collect all of your photos in one place!

4. Ride Videos

The Walt Disney parks are slowly incorporating videos of guests riding on some of the rides for purchase. If you decide to purchase Memory Maker, you’re in luck! These videos will be yours for keep along with all of your pictures as well! You will be able to see glimpses of your whole party enjoying the rides in a 30-45 second video. I love how they also use slow motion to capture the faces of everyone as they are riding. It makes for great expressions!

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3. Digital Downloads

When you return home from your vacation at the happiest place on earth, your photos will be ready to view in your My Disney Experience account. You will have unlimited downloads of your photos! You can also add borders and clip art to them to add a little more magic!

2. Valid For All Members In Your Party

Even though the price tag may seem like a lot for the Memory Maker Package (typically around $169-$199), it is still a deal considering that each of the pictures it includes is typically $20 on its own. For $199, you would receive about 8 individual pictures. If you purchase Memory Maker, you will receive hundreds of pictures along with the ride videos for the dame price as the 8 individual pictures. The price of your Memory Maker Package will also allow each member of your party to download the pictures as well. This set price is not per person, so if you are traveling with a large group or other family members or friends, you can split the cost, making it more convenient for your wallet!

1. Convenience

Everyone loves convenience no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Memory maker provides convenience in so many ways. For one thing, you don’t need to worry about wasting your battery on your camera or smartphone for every single picture. I usually waste my battery taking pictures all day around the parks, but with this convenience, I don’t have to worry about always taking out the camera for the shots. Another convenience is being able to have your entire family in the pictures (as mentioned above). It’s also nice to have all of your pictures sorted and stored in one place without having to ask others in your party to make sure they send you the pictures that you don’t have on your camera. Everyone will have access to download the pictures taken in the package from the same place. You will also feel assured knowing the pictures are of excellent quality since the cameras used by photographers are fantastic. They will also take several pictures of the same pose so that if you are not keen on one, you will at least have a few duplicates to enjoy. Memory Maker will make it easier for your family to enjoy photos at a great price on your next Disney trip!

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