8 Things You’ll Despise About The Last Day Of Your Walt Disney World Trip

Cinderella's Castle

It’s no doubt Disney makes us smile from ear to ear during our stay, but as the vacation comes to an end, those smiles are turned upside down with realizing the magic is almost over. It’s tough to try to stay happy on your last day, and there are a few reminders and thoughts that will cross your mind as you leave the happiest place on earth that will make that frown last longer than you want it to. Here are 8 things you’ll despise about the last day of your Disney trip.

8. Packing Your Luggage

You’ve been so comfy with having your clothes and personal belongings organized (or scattered if you prefer) all over your room, making it feel like home. Then, the last day comes along. You’re packing all of your clothes and belongings into your bag and trying to keep it somewhat organized. As you collect your items from all around the room, you can’t help but feel sad that tomorrow you won’t wake up in this awesome room at this magical resort. The beginning of the end of your trip, and unfortunately, it’s the beginning of the sad reality of going back home.

7. Attending Your Last Dining Reservation

Your last meal at any Disney World park or resort is a tough one to sit through. Whether it’s dinner the evening before your departure or breakfast the morning on your last day, you start to grasp that this is the last unique (and ultra fun) dining experience you will have on your vacation. Many restaurants are so much fun to dine in, so the realization that it is the last one just adds more to that sad face you’re starting to portray. Savor every bite and soak up the moment on your last Disney meal!

6. Seeing the ‘See You Real Soon’ Sign

If you are driving out of the Walt Disney World Resort, you know what sign I’m talking about. At every single exit from the property, there is a giant “See You Real Soon” sign to the right hand side of the lanes. This reminder is meant to be positive, since they aren’t saying ‘goodbye’, its more like, ‘see you later’. The question is, when is later? You can’t help but start to wonder when you will be able to come back to the happiest place on earth. It is an immediate ‘slap to the face’ when you see it and a rude awakening that your magical experiences are over. Seeing this sign as I leave the property is always a sad moment.

5. Kiss The Pampering Goodbye

During your stay, you truly feel like royalty. With ‘mousekeeping’ always keeping your room tidy, to exceptional service at dining restaurants, and the tiny magical moments provided by cast members all throughout the park, you won’t find magic and service like this anywhere else, especially once you depart from the property. It can be easy to adapt quickly to extraordinary service and once you have spent a few days enjoying it, it is hard to give it all up and ‘move on’.

4. Getting Back To The Real World

The fun ends after a Disney vacation, and it’s now time to get back to the real world. Thinking of going back to work or school and having the stress settle back in your mind is not a fun thing to look forward to. As you leave the happiest place on earth, you slowly start to realize that the ‘real world’ is waiting just around the corner. Snapping back into reality is not as fun as being in Disney’s World.

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3. Riding the Magical Express Back to the Airport

The Magical Express is always fun to ride towards Disney World, but your attitude may be totally different when riding back to the airport. While the Disney magic is still carried through the bus ride, you can’t help but feel sad that you are heading towards your flight back to reality. It is a tough ride to endure knowing you’re not able to make a U-turn and go back!

2. Getting Your Bill

Disney has the ability to make me forget about money and funding and spend away! The convenience of having a MagicBand to make charges makes it very easy to rack up quite a large bill, especially after being there for many days. The worst realization has to be receiving that final bill for all of your expenses. We all know Disney is not cheap, so realizing how much you actually accrued can be quite a shock to some families. My advice to resolve this situation is to not activate your MagicBand for purchases. Instead of using your MagicBand and/or credit card, take out the exact amount of cash you want to spend for food and souvenirs. Studies have shown that having cash makes you more aware of how much you spend because you literally have the money in your hand. With credit cards, you don’t actually see the accumulation of spending, making it difficult to calculate how much you spend. I always take a credit card with me just in case of an emergency, but using cash is a great way to stay within your budget.

1. Getting a Bad Case of Disney Depression

It happens to me (and many other Disney fanatics) after every trip. I realize I can tend to be gloomy with friends and family and then it hits me, the Disney depression has settles in. You start to view all of your trip pictures and videos; you start listening to Disney songs in the car and watch Disney movies when you get home from work and/or school. You also catch yourself adding Disney into every aspect of your everyday ‘real world’ life, like using a Disney mug for your morning coffee and even wearing clothing and jewelry just to show your Disney side. Disney depression is a real drag, and it is tough to get rid of, but having some Disney fanatic friends and family that understand your feelings can help boost your spirits up!

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Natalie is an elementary school teacher and a native Floridian who lives and breathes all things Disney. Her love for Disney started at the age of two during her first visit, and has continued to flourish into her adult life. She loves to share her Disney passion with her students and believes Disney is so special because there is no other place to forget about your worries and be a kid again, which is why she refuses to ‘grow up’.

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