8 Ways to Save BIG Money on Food at Walt Disney World

It’s no secret that Disney vacations can be pricey. Between the resort rooms, the park tickets, and the dining, the dollar signs can add up. You can get deals and special offers, but maybe you need to save a few more bucks. Luckily, there many ways you can save some money on food, and here are 8 of them!

8. Limit Your Table Service Meals

Like many other things at Disney World, eating at a Disney sit-down restaurant is expensive. Entrees are overpriced and buffets, especially for dinner, are outrageous. Fortunately, you can get some stellar meals for half the price at a quick service restaurant. Many would argue that some quick service meals are better than table service meals, especially for the price.

7. Don’t Choose the Most Expensive Restaurants

There are restaurants that are extremely expensive and can really make a huge dent in your budget, but there are also restaurants that are just as delicious and filling, but cost a lot less per entrée. Check the Disney World website for menus and prices.

6. Using the Dining Plan

This isn’t always the best option if you want to save money, but it definitely can be. If your family isn’t big eaters, then this wouldn’t make sense to use. But if you like steak dinners and dessert every night, then it could really save you some major dough! Check out “Disney Dining Plan 101 – 8 FAQ’s.”

5. Wait for the Free Dining Offer

Every so often, usually at the end of summer, beginning of fall, Disney rolls out the Free Dining Offer. Basically if you stay so many nights with so many days of park tickets, you can get a free dining plan. Being able to skip buying any food during your trip is huge.

4. Snack More, Dine Less

Sometimes you just need a little something in your belly, not necessarily a whole, huge meal, and Disney is great for that. Instead of buying whole meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, opt for a cinnamon roll from Gaston’s Tavern for breakfast, have some corndog bites from Casey’s Corner for lunch, and see how hungry you are later on. Oh, and don’t forget the Dole Whip!

3. Choose Breakfast over Dinner

You’ll notice at just about any Disney restaurant, breakfast options are cheaper than dinner options. This is especially true for buffets. For example, the dinner buffet at The Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom is about $60 a person for an adult, where as the breakfast buffet is around $30 a person. This way you get a large, filling breakfast and can eat smaller meals later on.

2. Choose Quick Service over Table Service

Obviously we know one of the best parts about a Disney vacation is the world class restaurants and exciting character meals, but they also offers some pretty great quick service places as well. And the best part is, they are very reasonably priced and usually come with a good amount of food. Check out “Top 8 Quick-Service Restaurants At Disney World.”

1. Bring Your Own Food

Possibly the best ideas for saving money on food is to bring your own! Disney allows you to bring any food you want into the parks, with the exception of glass and alcohol. So make a few sandwiches, throw in a couple bags of chips and a few bottles of water, and you’re good to go!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can save money on your next Disney trip, especially with food. If you apply some, if not all, of these tips to your vacation, you are sure to save more than a few bucks. But most importantly, enjoy these precious moments with your loved ones!

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