9 Experiences You May Want to Skip at Walt Disney World

Beauty And The Beast

At first glance–and second glance–there really is not a single unpleasant or poorly-done attraction at Walt Disney World. However, on your Disney vacation, avoiding a harried schedule is impossible if you’re trying to see every single thing that there is to see. Prioritization is key to maintaining a relaxing pace and ensuring that you actually enjoy yourself (and get enough rest), so unfortunately there are some Disney attractions and rides that might not make the cut for your Disney days. Please take note: these attractions are not bad ones. They are simply attractions that you can skip without feeling like you missed something crucial! With that in mind, here are 9 experiences that you can pass by on your Disney trip without feeling any considerable guilt.

9. O Canada! This movie features Martin Short and amazing footage of his native country, and it’s indoors (which is always nice in Epcot, where there’s not a great deal of trees for shade). However, there are no seats for the movie, and it is one of Epcot’s longer attractions, so skipping this movie is a great time-saver. If you really do feel the need to see one of these CircleVision films, China’s version is particularly beautiful–so just give Canada a quick stop then keep on going!

8. Captain EO. Michael Jackson fans will want to see this short futuristic film, but everyone else can probably do without it. Walk on by and add at least half an hour of freedom to your schedule!

7. Rafiki’s Planet Watch. A train ride is required to get to this part of the Animal Kingdom–and you can see some fun behind-the-scenes stuff on the ride–so if the Animal Kingdom is your favorite, then Rafiki’s Planet Watch is an outpost that you probably should not miss. However, everyone else might not need the extra stop, especially since it is so out of the way!

6. Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage. Listing this show is truly difficult–with dazzling costumes and an amazing cast, the story of the Beauty and the Beast is vividly told on stage. However, it is indeed a “tale as old as time”, so unless you’re an avid musical-lover–or a Belle-lover–you do not need to set aside such a sizeable chunk of your schedule to see something you have already seen.

5. Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Like Beauty and the Beast, this show has gotten a place on this list simply because it is the same story as in the film. The costumes, music, and setting are all excellent–but the show itself, like number 6, does take up a fair amount of time, and it is not a new story for virtually any Disney visitors. If you do want to go “Under the Sea”, you can always add the show in–but it does not need to be a priority.

4. The Circle of Life. If you’re trying to teach your children about climate change and the necessary protection of the environment, this movie is a wonderful medium. Lion King characters teach the viewer about the Earth, nature’s cycles, and conservation, making the film a very educational tool. However, it might not be so necessary for adults to see; try going to The Land instead for a more direct experience. Both rides do take up time, but The Land gives you a quasi-boat ride!

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3. Star Tours-The Adventures Continue. This ride is all about virtual movement, not real movement: the audience merely feels that they are speeding along through galactic canyons with their Star Wars guide. This can be nauseating for some visitors, and is more interesting if you are a Star Wars fan, so skip it if you have motion sickness–or if you just don’t particularly care for Star Wars.

2. It’s Tough to Be A Bug! Yes, getting to walk inside the Tree of Life is cool–but the movie itself is more stressful than anything else. With bugs flying, biting, and crawling–and plenty of 3D effects—many audience members find themselves waiting for the show to end. If you’re afraid of insects, or if you simply have a problem with virtual effects that give you real sensations of being touched, then you can pass by this show without any remorse.

1. The American Adventure. This show is a great one for history lovers, of course, as well as for American patriots. Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin run through America’s early history for audience members, and they do an excellent job of it. However, with a non-Disney topic and so many other things to do, this attraction does not make for a particularly exciting time. If you want relaxation and education, go for it; if not, skip it and watch your schedule open up considerably!

Again, all of these attractions are worth viewing at some point or another–but they are definitely the ones that you can skip without feeling terribly behind on your Disney magic. If you find yourself with some extra time—or if your kids really want to experience a specific show—then go right ahead and watch It’s Tough to Be A Bug!. For now, know that you have a little extra wiggle room.

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