9 things You Should Never Do On Rides At Disney World Resort

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One of the main reasons guests travel to Disney is for the iconic rides! Everyone loves a good Disney ride because they are unlike any other ride that you will go on at any other park. Their detail and ability to use special effects, speed, and infuse your favorite characters and films is uncanny. Unfortunately, some guests feel the need to act a bit mischievous and behave in an unlikely manner. This can result in being kicked out of the parks for the day, and depending on the severity of the behavior, kicked out forever. Guests want to enjoy their Disney vacation, including the rides, without any drama. Here are 9 things you should never do on rides at Walt Disney World.

9. Flashing the Ride Camera

This may sound ridiculous to most people, but there have been many guests that try and sometimes successfully flash an inappropriate body part to the cameras on rides. Let’s not forget that there are children everywhere. What kind of a role model would you be to a child if you do this? While its always fun to go a little crazy, flashing others is totally inappropriate inside a theme park geared towards little ones. Not to mention, you may have some pretty upset and outspoken people on your same cart that can be overly protective and say a few rods to you that you may not like. Your safety also becomes an issue if you have to get out of your seat to achieve flashing. This can be very dangerous, especially if speed or water related rides are a factor. Spare your flashes for another time, and keep your body parts where they belong, under your clothing.

8. Using Flash Photography

We all want to remember rides when we go back home from our vacation, which is why some people love to take pictures while riding, however, there is a reason why rules are so important, including no flash photography. This is one of the most frequent rules on most rides at the happiest place on earth. There are several signs and announcements made before boarding a ride that doesn’t allow flash photography, but you would be surprised as to how many people ignore those announcements and flash away. There are many reasons as to why this rule is so important. For one thing, most guests enjoying rides do not want the magic ruined by having flashes constantly going off. Also, performers can be greatly affected by flash photography, which would ruin their performances. In addition, there are guests that suffer from medical conditions (such as seizures or epilepsy) that can be triggered by the use of the bright flash in a dark space. Next time you want to take pictures of a ride, make sure your flash is completely turned off to avoid disrupting the experience for other guests.

7. Sticking Body Parts Outside of Your Vehicle

I can pretty much recite the “Please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle” speeches given at every ride because I hear them so frequently. This is another rule that you would think would be common sense, but for some adults (and some curious kids) it is a common issue at many of the Disney parks. Kids love to touch anything, so the little ones may have to be reminded a few times about keeping their body parts inside the ride vehicle, but adults? I don’t understand why someone would want to stick their arm (or any other body part) out knowing that there are risks involved. There have been a few instances where guests have needed immediate medical attention to broken (and even missing) limbs and fingers. No matter how much you may want to touch the water or any other form of the ride, keep your body completely in your ride vehicle to avoid any injuries.

6. Using Expensive Electronics While The Ride Is In Motion

This is not necessarily as rule, but a suggestion for s few of the fast paced rides. I have seen several phones and other expensive electronics break and get lost due to guests using them in the middle of a roller coaster ride, or a ride with enormous heights (i.e.- Tower of Terror). Recording a video or taking pictures on rides is a fun idea, and ideally, it will make for a great memory. Unfortunately, gravity doesn’t always work in our favor and your grip can be easily lost, resulting in broken or lost phones and tablets. If you have even the slightest doubt of fear of braking or losing your device, it’s best to put it away and stay on the safe side.

5. Stand Up

Another “common sense” rule is to remain seated at all times. You would be surprised as to how many people try to stand up during some of the most dangerous moments of a ride. Standing up can have some serious consequences, including death (which unfortunately happened on Splash Mountain years ago). Rides have many ups and downs and spins and twirls, and with their intricate mechanical parts, there is no reason as to why someone should stand up when they’re supposed to be seated.

4. Skip The Line

Can you imagine waiting over an hour in line (in the hot sun) and having a family skip you? I don’t know about you, but I would be livid. No one likes to wait in long lines (most of which are under the hot Florida sun), but it doesn’t give anyone the right to try to skip those that have been patiently waiting to board the ride. If you don’t like waiting in line, try to snag a fastpass for those rides that seem to have long wait times. Moral of this story is just to be mindful of others and simply wait your turn.

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3. No Eating, Drinking, or Smoking

This is an example of another “common sense” rule that gets broken often. Last month while on Tower of Terror, a gentleman next to me decided to take out a bag of Cheetos and start eating them. As the ride dropped thirteen floors, Cheetos where flying in the air and went all over the ride. Several guests complained to him when we made it out of the ride. All I could think was, “Why can’t this gentleman wait less than 5 minutes (duration of the ride) and then eat the Cheetos when he gets off the ride?” It could have been a joke for all I know, but it is not necessary. Food and drinks can easily spill and make a mess if you’re not careful, making it more work for the employees to clean up after you. There are also very few people that have tried smoking in lines of rides or on rides themselves. There are designated smoking areas throughout the park. Be courteous to those that do not like the smell of cigarettes or those that may have a health condition.

2. Being Obnoxious

We tend to blame teenagers and children for being obnoxious, and while they should be taught proper line etiquette, they aren’t the only ones that act ridiculous while waiting in lines for rides or on the ride themselves. While screaming on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and Space Mountain may be acceptable, it is not enjoyable to sit next to guests who are screaming for no apparent reason on a non-thrill ride or even while waiting in line. Jumping/playing on props that distinctly read, “No climbing” or playing with the ropes in line is another no-no that gets a lot of guests angered or flustered. While many parents nip behavior like this in the bud, you would be surprised how many guardians ignore this type of behavior or participate in it as well. Remember that there are guests around you and it is important to be a role model for other children and take their feelings into consideration.

1. Spreading Ashes of Loved Ones

I know what you’re thinking….”This is insane! Are you serious? How is this possible?”. This may sound crazy to you and many others, but this has been a serious problem at a few rides at Disney Parks, particularly Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion (since they are very dark inside). There are some people that decide they want to spread the ashes of a loved one at a particular ride because the person that passed away really loved the ride. This is a huge no-no. Guests caught spreading ashes in rides will get removed from the park. I have also read that rides get cleaned frequently, so chances are those ashes that were spread will be swept up and thrown in the trash. Not worth getting in trouble for, especially if the ashes will just end up in the trash.

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