9 Tips Walt Disney World Cast Members Want You To Know

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While Walt Disney World may be the happiest place on earth to guests, it may not always be like that for cast members. Many guests feel entitled to tons of ‘magic’ and castmembers are affected by the actions of guests making their day gloomy. While I am not a cast member myself, I have seen and heard frustration by them from my own personal experiences as a guest with a few scenarios. Here are just nine tips castmembers want guests to know!

9. You Can’t Park Your Stroller Anywhere you Want

There are designated stroller areas for a reason. Often times guests park their strollers wherever they want, which can cause serious problems (like stealing) and is a safety concern if left in areas crowded by guests. Strollers left in pathways (especially during a parade) may be moved to another location for the safety of other guests and performers. The owners of the stroller may then get upset and blame others for moving the abandoned stroller.

8. Don’t Cut In Line

We all wait in line for long lengths of time to enjoy our favorite rides and shows, so skipping the line isn’t the best answer to enjoying these experiences quicker. Not only do the guests become irate at times, but cast members are put in a weird situation of intervening. Please be respectful of how long others have waited and wait your turn. This makes everything run more smoothly leaving cast members to do their job without an interruption.

7. Be FastPass Ready

Ever since the transition from paper FastPasses to electronic ones, each ride and attraction now features a Mickey touchpad to scan MagicBands and park tickets for those who have reserved FastPasses. There are typically two of these touch pads to use at each attraction. While FastPasses are used to experience minimal to no wait time, the wait time in the line can be increased by those who aren’t ready to scan their bands. Make sure you are prepared and have your MagicBands or park tickets out to make it easier for the guests behind you and the cast members who are keeping record of how many people are walking through the attraction. I have also noticed that since most people are right-handed, they tend to use the touchpad to the right, leaving the one on the left completely open for use. Make sure to have your party use both touch pads to ensure a quicker entry.

6. They Don’t Make The Rules

In any profession, we can tend to complain or become upset with the wrong employees. Cast members are no different. If you are not satisfied with something, remember that they do not make the rules. If you do feel the need to complain or address the situation further, be sure to speak to the right cast member. If they can’t resolve it, remember that they did not make the rules.

5. Follow Directions During Parades and Shows

Parades can be quite stressful with setting them up to ensure the safety of all of the guests. Blocking off areas and making paths for those who are walking past are tight and can be challenging to get through. It can also be difficult to try to watch a parade when you arrived late to grab a spot. Cast members always try their best to keep the ‘traffic’ of walking guests moving smoothly, but it can be very difficult to accomplish this when people stop in the middle of the pathways to watch. I have heard them yell over and over again to keep the traffic moving, and when families stop to watch the parades from these areas, it causes an issue with the flow of the walking guests. Find a safe and designated area to watch the parade without having to agitate the cast members with keeping the flow of traffic going. Also, be sure to keep your arms and hands out of the way of the performers.

4. Have Patience

There are some issues that can’t be resolved right away. Cast members always try their best to accommodate any guest no matter what their situation may be. It is important to remember that sometimes cast members need to consult with a manager or another person in another department to resolve a situation. Have patience with these cast members, and remember that they are trying their best to assist you.

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3. Don’t Argue The Height Requirements

Height requirements are a big argument starter at the parks. Some guests have their heart set on finally being able to ride their favorite rides with their children, and when they arrive at the front of the attraction, they realize their child is ½ an inch too short. Height requirements are strict to ensure the safety of all guests. There is a reason why cast members turn away guests in this predicament. Some cast members are yelled at because they are following the rules of the park. Please be considerate to them and understand that they are just following protocol.

2. Show Your Appreciation

Small acts for kindness are surely appreciated by cast members. Keep in mind that they are often dealing with negative scenarios that guests have rather than positive ones. When a cast member puts a smile on your face, remember to put a smile on theirs too! A compliment goes a long way, and the best part is, its free!

1. Their Goal is to Put a Smile On Your Face

Cast members are always trying to give some extra magic to guests on a daily basis. There have been times where they have taken guests straight to the front of ride, upgraded a resort room, and even had “Mickey” pay for their dinner or souvenir. Offering extra magic is what cast members are known for and they do a great job of doing so!


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