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9 Ways To Totally Mess Up A Visit To Magic Kingdom

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Going to the Magic Kingdom puts so many smiles on everyone’s face, and many of us want to make sure we experience everything the park has to offer. There are a few way though that your trip cannot go as prepared. Here are 9 ways to totally mess up a visit to Magic Kingdom.

9. Not Scheduling Fastpasses

Nowadays, there is practically no such thing as a spontaneous trip to the happiest place on earth. Since fastpasses were first introduced on the My Disney Experience app, guests have been scrambling to schedule their favorite rides to ensure they can head straight to the loading area without waiting in line for a long time. Since these fastpasses are available to guests up to 60 days in advance, many of the most popular rides sell out of them quickly. If you really want to experience the rides (especially the most popular ones) you should really consider reserving your fastpasses ahead of time. Doing so will guarantee that you will experience what you have set out to do. There are kiosks all around the park where you can set up fastpasses, however, you will most likely only be able to choose from attractions and rides that don’t usually have long wait times.

8.Not Purchasing Tickets Ahead of Time

In order to select your fastpasses in advance, you have to purchase your tickets in advance and link them to you’re my Disney Experience account. This isn’t the only reason purchasing tickets in advance is a great idea. Sometimes, the lines at the box office are extremely long. Many times, guests don’t realize how much time this can take from their plans, and it can really alter any plans you may have.

7. Not Having Dining Plans

As I mentioned earlier, gone are the days of spontaneity. It is very rare that guests can just walk up to the restaurant of their choice without hearing, “Sorry, we’re booked for the night” or “The wait time is one hour or more”. Many Disney restaurants have awesome reputations and serve many favorites that guests look forward to enjoying on their trips. If you know you want to experience a certain restaurant, be sure to call ahead and make a reservation. This way, you don’t have to worry about missing out on your favorite dining location.

6. Not Dressing Accordingly

Florida is known for it’s sunshine and beautiful weather, but it is also known for its rainy days and humidity. Checking the weather before heading to the Sunshine State is a must-do. Make sure you are aware of what weather patterns will be evident when you’re there. You would also be surprised how cold it can get during January-March. One year, I headed over for Spring Break and while my suitcase carried shorts, tanks, and bathing suits, I had to purchase a whole new wardrobe when I realized there was a cold front. For this reason, know before you go!

5. Not Bringing A Portable Phone Charger

We all know how quickly the batteries drain on smartphones, but you would be so surprised how quickly they drain when you’re constantly taking pictures and checking you’re My Disney Experience app for wait times and fastpasses. Nothing is worse than not having a camera to capture memories or not being able to check important things on your app because your phone is dead. Carrying around a portable phone charger is really important here if you are dependent on your phone. This is a great way to ensure that you will have enough battery to last throughout the day. One of the best ways to charge your phone too is by finding an outlet near your table while you’re dining. This way, you can enjoy your meal and charge your phone without having to wait.

4. Not Having a Budget

It is so easy to swipe your credit card left and right at the Magic Kingdom. There are so many adorable souvenirs and experiences that are worth every penny, but it can mess up your trip if you spend all of your money on these items. Be sure to have a budget on what you want to spend on souvenirs, food, etc. so that you don’t go home and feel guilty for the damage you did!

3. Not Being Realistic

Magic Kingdom is full of enchantment, and while we want to experience it all, being disappointed is the last thing we want to have happen to us when we’re on vacation. There are certain things that aren’t just going to happen and its important to be realistic about your expectations when visiting the park. For example, cast members always do their best to please guests, but some families are disappointed when their bill isn’t taken care of by the restaurant, or they don’t get an extra fastpass for example. You’re not always going to be offered extra magic, so try not to expect it. There are other things to consider when trying to remain realistic like expecting a great seat to a show or parade by showing up 5 minutes prior to it starting, assuming you will get to ride everything in one day, or thinking you won’t have to deal with crowds or lines. These things can really mess up your visit, so remember to set your expectations at a realistic level so that if something great does happen, you will be more excited than if you were expecting it in the first place.

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2. Not Taking Advantage of Extra Magic Hours

Extra Magic Hours are one of the many reasons guests like to stay at on-property resorts. You can take advantage of being in the parks a few hours before or after the general public. Usually, lines are shorter and you can check a lot of attractions and rides off of your to-do list. If you plan to try to get the most out of your visit to the Magic Kingdom you won’t want to regret missing out on these extra hours of fun.

1. Not Having A Plan

As I stated earlier, spontaneity is no longer common among Disney guests. When visiting Disney World’s most popular park, you will want to have somewhat of a plan to get stuff done. Having a plan will motivate you to move along with your day and make the most out of your visit. Your plans will also be more precise leaving little time to wonder about what to do next.

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