Longtime ABC Actor Signs On To Competitor’s New Pilot


After a decade of playing the role of Beverly Goldberg on the hit ABC show, The Goldbergs, Wendi McLendon-Covey is moving on to a brand new comedy series on a brand new channel. McLendon-Covey will be the lead, yet again, to a comedy series, but this time it will be on NBC. The pilot is titled St. Denis Medical and is a workplace mockumentary (because we don’t have enough of those already!) based in an Oregon hospital.

Beverly Goldberg headshot

Credit: ABC

There has been much talk about the ABC series after it lost two of its main cast members. Veteran actor George Segal sadly passed away at age eighty-seven due to complications of bypass surgery. The series also had a scandal erupt when McLendon-Covey’s costar, Jeff Garlin, who plays her on-screen husband, was under investigation and later fired for his alleged conduct on set. Garlin came out later and admitted he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Season 1 and 10 posters of The Goldbergs

Credit: ABC

The series as well lost its creator, the real-life Adam Goldberg whom the series is based upon. With all of this and a dwindling viewer rate, long-time fans are giving up on the show, and it is no surprise last month ABC announced its cancellation. The Goldbergs is in its 10th and final season on ABC. It follows the Goldberg family in 1980-something where Beverly Goldberg becomes a grandmother…or grand-SMOTHER as her kids would say, after the death of her beloved husband Murray (Garlin). Filming has concluded, and if St. Denis Medical gets picked up by the network, it would most likely premiere in September 2023.

Wendi McLendon-Covey started her career at ABC with a reoccurring role on one of the biggest shows of all time, Modern Family. McLendon-Covey is best known for her role in the comedy movie Bridesmaids.

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