‘Aladdin’ Star Takes Shot at ‘Little Mermaid’ Remake

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As The Little Mermaid finally arrives in Theaters, one might expect the stars of other Disney live-action remakes to show support for Halle Bailey and the rest of their new peers. But that does not appear to be the case with one leading actor.

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Mena Massoud, star of Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin remake, took to Twitter recently to speak his mind about The Little Mermaid, and it appears the mob drove him off the platform.

According to Pop Crave, “‘Aladdin’ star Mena Massoud deactivated his Twitter account after receiving backlash for his Tweet about ‘The Little Mermaid.’”

That tweet supposedly read,

“Our film was unique in that audiences went to watch it multiple times. It’s the only way we reached the billion dollar mark with our opening. My guess is TLM doesn’t cross the billion mark but will undoubtedly get a sequel.”

Check it out:

While his comment is not directly offensive, it does seem to be a passive-aggressive way of saying that his remake was better than Halle Bailey’s. And the Twitter mob was clearly not ready to tolerate such a suggestion.

Now, it is worth noting that outside of The Little Mermaid, Halle Bailey is a successful singer, bringing her fanbase to a Disney movie. Meanwhile, Massoud was relatively unknown when he was cast to play Aladdin alongside Will Smith’s Genie and Naomi Scott’s Jasmine, and he has noticeably struggled to get any other work equal to his Disney role since.

Is Disney out of Ideas

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Still, The Little Mermaid goes to theaters with preemptive criticism from fans. Only time will tell if it will join the ranks of Aladdin, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast in earning over $1 billion at the box office.

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  1. Disney has lost their mind’s they want to destroy their company for a few mentally ill employees and guests. Stick to the traditional greetings and story lines that Walt Disney wanted or you will lose you base customers because my family who live 1100 miles away have made a Disney vacation every year for 46 years but no more 2 trips in 2021 and we are done! We will visit Universal that is until they commit corporate suicide.

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