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Disney Introduces New Ariel for the Animated ‘Little Mermaid’

Disney Mermaid

On Wednesday, Disney Branded Television revealed the theme song for the latest installment in The Little Mermaid franchise. Disney Jr.’s Ariel, an animated musical show aimed at preschoolers, premieres on Disney Junior this summer. The series follows Disney Princess Ariel and friends old and new, including Sebastian and Flounder. The young Disney characters undertake magical adventures in the fairytale kingdom of Atlantica. The ...

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Disney Fans’ Child Complains About Being Given Disney Villain Name


It’s one thing to be a Disney fan — but it’s quite another to walk around with the name of an infamous Disney villain following you everywhere you go! One person who was named Ursula by her parents is apparently less than thrilled by the name. The practice of naming children after favorite film, book, or TV show characters is ...

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Critics Attack New Version of Black Princess Ariel: “You are saying being white is a problem”

little mermaid black princess ariel

With the release of the trailer for Disney Junior’s upcoming show, ARIEL, fans have mixed reactions to seeing a young Black Princess Ariel. One of the main controversies that characterized The Little Mermaid when it came out back in 2023 was the uproar over the fact that Princess Ariel had “switched” in terms of race. In fact, many trolls, as part of ...

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Beloved ‘Little Mermaid’ Star Says Says Bye to Ariel

Ariel and the Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid (1989) has been a pillar of Disney royalty for years; even the controversial remake with Halle Bailey has a fan following. That being said, Ariel wouldn’t be nearly the treasure she is without her iconic voice. Disney’s favorite redhead has been renowned for her golden pipes since Jodi Benson sang the first notes of the late Howard Ashman’s ...

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Did Lin-Manuel Miranda Go Too Far This Time?

lin-manuel miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda has, it seems, become the only songwriter available to Disney. In the last few years, Miranda has been the tune-de-force behind Disney’s Moana (2016), Encanto (2021), and now the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid (2023). He gained two Academy Award Best Song nominations for “How Far I’ll Go” and “Dos Oruguitas” from Moana and Encanto, respectively, and is ...

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The New ‘Little Mermaid’ Has Intriguing Effect on Audiences

the little mermaid disney+

The new Little Mermaid film made plenty of headlines when it premiered in theaters earlier this year, but now that it’s come to Disney+, the movie (which stars Halle Bailey as Ariel and Melissa McCarthy as Ursula) has been all the rage again. In a post online, Disney confirmed that the Little Mermaid remake broke a record and brought in “16 million views in ...

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Disney+ Traffic Skyrockets After ‘The Little Mermaid’ Release

the little mermaid disney+

Many Disney Princess fans and fans of the 1989 animated Little Mermaid movie (or, perhaps, its lesser-known sequel) were excited to learn about the casting of Halle Bailey in the new live-action remake of Ariel the little mermaid’s story. What’s the”Scuttlebutt” About This Movie? Fans have not been thrilled with Disney’s live-action films as of late, however — and even though Disney ...

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Disney Quietly Replaces Animated ‘Little Mermaid’ Resort Experience

Disney replaces Little Mermaid

The Disney theme parks are in a constant state of change and growth. Without updating the experiences, guests can often get bored of offerings, and attendance could suffer. Walt Disney even said that his parks were never finished. With Disney’s commitment to remaking its classics into live-action, some fans have not been receptive to the presence of these reimagined versions ...

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Reimagined King Triton and Ursula Revealed for ‘Disney Junior’s Ariel’

Disney Junior Ariel characters

During a recent Disney Junior & Friends Playdate event held at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California, the main cast of Disney Junior’s Ariel was finally revealed. Announced back in June, the show reimagines The Little Mermaid and is aimed at preschool audiences. To add to the mix, Disney revealed King Triton and Ursula with the actors who will ...

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