Reimagined King Triton and Ursula Revealed for ‘Disney Junior’s Ariel’

Disney Junior Ariel characters
Credit: Disney

During a recent Disney Junior & Friends Playdate event held at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California, the main cast of Disney Junior’s Ariel was finally revealed. Announced back in June, the show reimagines The Little Mermaid and is aimed at preschool audiences. To add to the mix, Disney revealed King Triton and Ursula with the actors who will voice them. Take a look at their reimagined looks for the show below!

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The Cast of Disney Junior’s Ariel

Mykal-Michelle Harris, known for her role in Raven’s Home, has been chosen for the lead role of Ariel in the upcoming series. The 11-year-old actress has already made a name for herself, including under the Disney umbrella. Disney released the news on Twitter/X for those who couldn’t attend the event.

Talented figures from Broadway, film, and television join Harris. Taye Diggs of Rent fame and Amber Riley from Glee will lend their voices to the characters of King Triton and Ursula, respectively. Alongside Harris, Diggs, and Riley, the show’s lineup includes Elizabeth Phoenix Caro (The Christmas Chronicles) and Cruz Flateau (SuperKitties) as Ariel’s companions Lucia and Fernie. Gracen Newton (Puppy Dog Pals) is taking on the role of Flounder.

Actors in Ariel

Credit: Disney

Disney Junior Ariel Characters

Disney Junior’s Ariel is set to delve into the events preceding the main narrative, allowing audiences to explore the kingdom of Atlantica alongside beloved characters with Ariel. The animated promotional art confirms Flounder’s return with his classic animated film form, with other familiar faces such as Sebastian, King Triton, and Ursula also appearing. The reimagined merpeople were revealed alongside the cast.

Triton and Ursula Ariel

Credit: Disney

Designed for preschoolers, the show centers around Ariel’s inquisitiveness and eagerness to unravel her surrounding mysteries. Guided by her friends, she embarks on ventures to uncover new treasures for her collection. A fresh twist to the series involves Ariel’s tail, which will change colors and emit a glow based on her emotions.

Alyssa Sapire, senior vice president of development, explained the purpose of the show during the announcement this summer.

Our aim with Disney Junior’s Ariel was to craft a vibrant and enchanting ambiance that captures the boundless imagination of our young Ariel, mirroring the immense curiosity of our preschool audience.

The animated series will feature the Caribbean ocean setting used in the recent live-action The Little Mermaid as the backdrop for Ariel’s home. Here, Ariel’s journey unfolds, highlighting her blossoming appreciation for the world around her, ultimately becoming an inspiration for others.

The series does not have a release date. However, it is clear that Disney is moving fast to keep Ariel in the spotlight. The remake movie will soon hit Disney+ on September 6, giving young fans of The Little Mermaid something to keep them busy while they wait for Disney Junior’s Ariel.

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