Fast Moves from Disney! Splash Mountain Disappears in This Notable Way

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Disney is making moves! The Mouse House has already replaced Splash Mountain in this notable way at the Disney Parks.

It hasn’t been more than a day since Splash Mountain officially closed and had its final “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, and Disney has already moved on. Even if fans are heartbroken, Disney has made it abundantly clear they want all of us to start getting excited about this next phase of the Disney experience.

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Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

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While fans are grieving the loss of their favorite ride and writing farewell letters—have you read ours?—to the beloved former Disney World icon, Disney has already replaced it on the map of the Disney Park at Walt Disney World Resort.

Reddit user and Disney Guest u/alexdionisus shared the photo on the social media platform. Check it out:

New park map featuring Tiana’s Bayou Adventure released only hours after Splash Mountain closed from WaltDisneyWorld

While many fans were mourning the loss of this ride, others focused more on how they simply didn’t believe Disney would get this construction done by 2024. u/shmoe723 commented, recalling Disney’s top competitor, “I love how they think they can get this done in under 24 months. That’s some Universal like goals.”

Another user corroborated this sentiment, adding, “Tron has given me trust issues and I’m not buying that 2024.” (Disney Fanatics can rest assured TRON does have an official opening date this time.) And yet others simply implored that Disney wouldn’t shut down the beloved Walt Disney World Railroad again.

Perhaps a tongue-in-cheek response, or simply because Disney is committed to this change, its evident that Disney intends to make this retheme happen sooner rather than later! Per a video shared by @MickeyBlog_ on Twitter, seen above, Disney has already begun work on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, working on the retheme.

Concept art Tiana Attraction

Concept art for the Princess and the Frog ride about Princess Tiana, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure/ Courtesy of Disney

Last year, Disney shared a lot of concept art and even 3-D models of the upcoming ride at Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland Park in the Southern California Disneyland Resort at the D23 Expo.

While it’s certainly a bittersweet time, this new era of the Disney Parks also holds the potential for many new changes and experiences for Disney fans.

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