Disney Immediately Begins Dismantling Splash Mountain


Even though some Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort fans have been mourning the classic Magic Kingdom ride called Splash Mountain as if the Disney ride were a recently-deceased relative, Disney is apparently not wasting any time when it comes to moving on!

We already have noticed that Splash Mountain has been replaced on the Disney World maps with its replacement, the Princess and the Frog ride called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure — but now we also know that Disney is officially breaking ground on the new ride, less than twenty-four hours after the closure of the Song of the South ride on January 23.

We can see in the video shown above that construction workers (or perhaps Imagineers from Walt Disney Imagineering) are already on location in the Magic Kingdom to start construction on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

There are certainly plenty of opportunities for crossover between Splash Mountain and Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, since a water-based adventure is still the focus (even though the new ride will mainly focus on Princess Tiana traveling with Prince Naveen and friends like Louis the alligator through the bayou near New Orleans).

Concept art Tiana Attraction

Concept art for the Princess and the Frog ride about Princess Tiana, which is called Tiana’s Bayou Adventure and is coming to one of the Disney Parks known as the Magic Kingdom. Credit: Disney

However, Disney is known for its tendency to embark on huge overhauls and to show off the Imagineers’ attention to detail (even if there have been some errors in that department as of late), so we will most likely be seeing a lot of changes coming to the overall structure of the Magic Kingdom ride and attraction.

Characters like Br’er Rabbit are gone forever, but Princess Tiana is making her way up through the Disney hierarchies — not just in the form of her own ride, TV show, and restaurant, but also in the form of her new, more inclusive portrayal as a Disney princess doll!


Princess Tiana is getting her own TV show, Magic Kingdom ride in the Disney Parks, and CreativeSoul doll. Credit:

Have you seen the new version of Princess Tiana, and are you excited about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure — or are you feeling too sad about the demise of Splash Mountain, and Disney’s swift move past the ride’s significance, to muster up any excitement for its replacement?

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