Walls Bulge as Water Leaks Into Deluxe Disney World Resort

When you visit the Walt Disney World Resort, there are so many amazing experiences that await you. From enjoying the dozens of fun attractions at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT, to dining on some of the most delicious food you will ever eat, and staying at hotels that transport you to another world, Disney World vacations are always memorable experiences.

However, sometimes those memories include things that are unexpected in not-so-great ways.

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Florida is one of the rainiest states in the country, even during the “dry season”. And Guests visiting one of Disney World’s most iconic hotels saw just how much the rain can affect The Most Magical Place on Earth. Guests dining at Chef Mickey’s were able to see water bulging from the walls, as there appeared to be a leak in the ceiling of Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Redditor u/OrangeBlue116 shared pictures of the walls on the social media platform.

Water leaking out of light fixture and pooling in ceiling paint!
byu/OrangeBlue116 inDisneyWorld

According to the Redditor, those two leaks were only a couple of the many that they saw around the Resort. Many were disappointed to see such a thing happening at a Deluxe Resort, but were sadly not surprised. Others shared that, while maintenance should be on top of things, they probably would not be until things got really bad.

U/MiakhodaOnihcram shared that maintenance was terrible when they reported issues in their hotel room on their last Disney trip.

We stayed in December for 7 days. Sports resort because it’s just for sleeping, right?? Room was disgusting. Tried getting moved. Not an option. 3 days in I was on the phone with my mom venting about the state of things on the whole. Laid down around 4pm to nap when maintenance pounded on the door and demanded to come in because they “had a report of things broken”. I was not appropriately dressed for the visit, and hubby was barely. So I got to lay in bed like a little kid peering over the covers while maintenence “inspected.” He determined the shower was leaking and would need repairs. Fine, whatever. We laid back down and barely dozed off when housekeeping barged in on us. Rinse lather repeat every day despite complaints to the front desk. Couldn’t get them to bring extra towels but the second we were napping or in a compromised position, they were banging or walking in. This is just one small part of the HORROR that this trip was. Honesty, we would go every year, and we are now done. I cried the last 3 hours home.

Caribbean Beach

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Disney’s Contemporary Resort is one of the original hotels built near Magic Kingdom Park when the Walt Disney World Resort first opened. The hotel lies along Seven Seas Lagoon and has a stop along the monorail track, along with Disney World’s other original hotel, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. The Magic Kingdom, Contemporary Resort, Polynesian Village Resort, Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, and Transportation and Ticket Center complete Disney’s iconic monorail loop.

Monorail Contemporary

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We do not have an update from the Redditor, so we do not know if Disney has fixed the leaks in the walls. It may take a little time and repainting for things to look completely normal.

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