Splash Mountain ‘Finally Replaced,’ Fans Share What They Want To See Gone

disney park ride replacement

With the controversial Splash Mountain retheme coming closer to, one Disney fan prompted a discussion on what other Disney Park rides fans want to see replaced.

Visiting Walt Disney World Resort, whether Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, is always an experience to write home about. Any Disney Theme Park is a great place for a Disney vacation and is the perfect place for a magical Disney experience, whether in Central Florida or in Disney California Adventure and Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort in Southern California. A part of this experience is the constant refurbishment of rides to make sure they keep to the standards fans have come to expect.

sleeping beauty night time

Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Resort/Matthew Cooper Photography

Sometimes though, attractions close permanently and are rethemed, and the most recent example of that is the controversial Splash Mountain retheme to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure that is slated to open in 2024.

While many Disney World Guests and Disneyland Guests have been upset at this retheme, some have been looking forward to this change. One such Disney Guest, u/Ohnomypants1234, took to the social media platform Reddit to ask the question:

With splash mountain finally getting replaced, what attraction or show would you want to see get replaced next? from Disneyland

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The question prompted a lively discussion on the various rides that fans love and hate, along with which ones they might want to keep or which ones they’d like to replace.

U/chanany shared, “The cars in autopia. Please I’m begging.”

Another user u/NikkiKay_17 agreed, “I think about this everytime I walk by and start coughing because of the fumes!”

Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain, Disneyland Resort/Disney

Another user, u/Lv96Mudkip, added that they were not a fan of Tomorrowland.

“The whole point of Tomorrowland is to showcase the future. Cars were the future like 50 years ago. It needs to go. The space it takes up is massive. Hoping they can add Tron or something even cooler. something WALL-E related perhaps??

The only thing getting away is their ties with Chevron, and i’m not sure how long that contract is :c”

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U/Dorsey71 added about the attraction “The Toad’s Wild Ride,”

Not replaced, but Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride should get a Halloween overlay of the Headless Horseman & Ichabod Crane. They’re feature in the same film, and an overlay seems like it would be easy to accomplish on this ride which consists of a lot of flats. Plus, it would be a great way to generate renewed interest in- and reinvigorate a classic attraction.

While Disney has not yet announced any of these kinds of plans with any of the mentioned rides at the Disney Resort, they might have some new rethemes planned for the future, like with their blue sky Villains Land, and DinoLand revamps plans announced at D23 Expo.

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