Fired ABC News Anchors Back in the Spotlight After Scandalous Affair

Amy Robach TJ Holmes back
Credit: ABC

Nine months ago, two ABC News reporters found themselves the focus of the headlines instead of just reporting on them. Hosts Amy Robach and TJ Holmes — co-anchors on the show GMA3: What You Need to Know — were having an affair. Not long after the affair was revealed, both Holmes and Robach confirmed their relationship but said that things between them had not started until they had both separated from their spouses. However, Holmes’ wife disputed that claim and said the two were still together when Holmes began his relationship with Robach.

GMA3 Amy Robach TJ Holmes

Credit: ABC

The fallout at ABC was swift, with both Robach and Holmes being suspended. Things were also reportedly tense within in Good Morning America family, as fellow anchors were not pleased about the negative attention. The two ended up being fired, with Robach allegedly receiving a much higher payout in order to stop her from releasing a tell-all novel.

Since the fallout from their alleged affair, Robach and Holmes have both kept a low profile. They have been photographed together, but have not been on social media or talking to the press. Until now.

Amy Robach TJ Holmes

Credit: ABC

Holmes and Robach made their return to social media by sharing the same post, showing that they were still together and preparing to run the New York City Marathon. Both have run marathons in the past.

#nycmarathon2023 ??‍♂️?‍♀️


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Holmes and Robach aren’t the only people who have spoken about their affair. Their respective spouses have also been quiet, but one released a statement. TJ Holmes’ ex-wife said that she was focused on raising the child they have together. She also said that she was disappointed in TJ’s “lack of discretion, respect, and sensitivity.”

Robach and her ex, actor Andrew Shue, do not have children together, but raised a blended family. Shue has deleted his social media, but his children have been sharing pictures of trips with their dad. He has reportedly moved on from the relationship and is looking at it in the rearview mirror.

Good Morning America Amy Robach

Credit: ABC

At this point, Holmes and Robach are still remaining relatively quiet, but this social media return could indicate they are working on their return to the news. It was reported earlier that they were looking at pitching a show to networks that would star the two of them. They are also allegedly talking about getting engaged, but nothing has been made official.

GMA3: What You Need to Know is currently hosted by Jennifer Ashton, DeMarco Morgan, and Eva Pilgrim.

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