Guest Claims Disney Ride Vehicle Derailed, Called Out on Social Media

Space Mountain Derailment Claim
Credit: MaadParkUpdates TikTok/Disney

There is one thing that may be more important to Disney cast members than anything else. That is guest safety. As every Disney visitor knows, before each ride vehicle departs, there is a message about keeping your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the ride vehicle at all times. That is because, even though a ride may look tame, there are mechanisms that can seriously injure a guest if they are not careful.

Talking to Cast Members

Credit: Disney

In addition to safety checks and messages, Disney will shut down a ride if something is deemed unsafe. Many guests have experienced wanting to go on a ride, but finding out that it is temporarily closed. Most of the time, it is for something minor and mechanical, but it can be to fix a problem that makes the ride unsafe. That’s why social media users are having a really HARD TIME with one person’s TikTok post.

On August 24, TikToker MaadParkUpdates shared a video backstage at Space Mountain in Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Resort. They claimed that their car had derailed, and they were being evacuated.


OUR SPACE MOUNTAIN CART DERAILED! WE GOT EVACUATED! #incident #ride #rollercoaster #disney #disneyland #spacemountain

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While seemingly sharing a very dramatic instance, fellow TikTokers and Disney fans were not impressed. Many commented that the ride vehicle had simply been taken into a maintenance bay. That can happen if the vehicle starts to move and it is too heavy. Disney will take guests off and immediately put them back in the loading zone to be put on different cars and change the weight distribution.

Lmao this happened to me last night and it was cuz our train was too heavy and we just got on a different one

guest jumps disneyland space mountain

Credit: Disney

Others pointed out that the rocket vehicle had not “derailed”. The track that the video showed was the track switch, which help the car get to its proper location after being taken off the track. Some even suggested that the track switch didn’t work properly after the rocket in front of them, and they were accidentally taken backstage.

Lol it’s a switch track bro calm down

Space Mountain Disneyland

Credit: Disney

It is important to note that, if the car actually did “derail”, Disney would most likely temporarily close the attraction. They would want to make sure that it was an issue with the ride vehicle itself and not the track. Disney cast members could have also realized that they needed to remove one or two cars from the ride because there were too many vehicles on it at one time.

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