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Although the singer, producer, and actress Susan Egan is known for many performances and projects ranging from Modern Family to Amphibia, it is undeniable that Disney fans know her best for her Disney roles as Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway and Megara in Hercules (1997)! Susan Egan is currently touring with Disney Princess – the Concert, which features four Disney princess performers and a unique medley of Disney songs, and she has just revealed on the D23 podcast that the 20th Century Fox character Anastasia is joining the Disney princess roster for the concert!

Susan Egan

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Anastasia in the 20th Century Fox animated movie directed by Don Bluth, starring Meg Ryan as Anastasia, John Cusack as Dmitri, and Christopher Lloyd as Rasputin. Credit: Disney+

“We have some sneaky things in there that you might be surprised [by],” Susan said on the podcast, “but I guess I can spill it here…Guess what? We get a little Anastasia, who is not an official Disney princess but because of acquisitions, falls under the library”. She also confirmed indirectly that the popular song from the 1997 animated movie Anastasia, “Journey to the Past”, will be part of the Disney Princess concert. “Journey to the Past is an epic song,” she said, and it’s a “special treat to get to hear it”.


Max von Essen and Christy Altomare in the Broadway production of Anastasia. Credit:


Zach Adkins and Christy Altomare in the Broadway production of Anastasia. Credit:

Since Disney now owns 20th Century Fox, many Anastasia fans will be pleased to see the movie’s heroine getting some Disney princess levels of attention! The 1997 animated movie Anastasia was directed by Don Bluth, and followed the long lost princess Anastasia (inspired by the real Grand Duchess Anastasia) as she tried to pull off a con in the face of obstacles like Grigori Rasputin. Cast members for the Don Bluth animated film included Meg Ryan as Anya, John Cusack as Dmitri, Angela Lansbury as the Dowager Empress, Christopher Lloyd as Rasputin, and Hank Azaria as Bartok (the bat sidekick of Rasputin).

While the cast of the concert will vary sometimes during its tour, we do know from the concert website that one cast member is already known for playing the character. According to, “Christy Altomare originated the role of Anya in the Broadway production of Anastasia for which she received the Theatre World Award and was nominated for an Outer Critics Award and a Drama Desk Award for lead actress in a musical”.

Christy Altomare

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Christy Altomare and Zach Adkins in the Broadway production of Anastasia. Credit:

With Christy’s experience as Anya, it seems likely that she will be the singer who performs “Journey to the Past” during the concert! However, Susan has also revealed that melodies and unique four-part harmonies are part of the show, so perhaps “Journey to the Past” will take on a different form than expected.

Credit: Disney

Susan Egan also revealed on the podcast that she plays Mother Gothel briefly during the concert, and that her Hercules character “Meg is making an appearance.” “She’s a little outside the princess box,” Susan admitted, “but I gotta get my girl in there.”

Syndee Winters

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Susan also expressed excitement about Syndee Winters and her involvement in the concert, because Syndee Winters played Nala in Broadway’s The Lion King and her role in the concert means that the song “Shadowland” will be performed. It “brings the house down,” Susan Egan enthused. “It gives me chills even just talking about it. She is amazing”.

Would you like to see Anastasia alongside Disney princesses, or see her become one?

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