Are MagicBands A Thing Of The Past?

MagicBand Disc

Well it looks like Walt Disney World may be taking a few notes from FitBit’s success in some of the latest designs for changes to the ever-popular Magic Bands. The next phase of the Magic Bands are currently in development to create these puck-like devices that would be able to have interchangeable straps.

The FCC posted information about a system for MagicBand ID Q3E-MB-R1G2. This system would allow guests to keep the same “puck” as they wanted to change straps. This should lower production costs since the technology components of the bands wouldn’t need to be purchased each time, as no chips would be imbedded within the straps.

Disney wouldn’t need to have multiple band records for repeat guests or guests who purchase limited edition bands, so they could save in costs for delivering additional Magic Bands each time. The IT resources and operational resources to manage the system should lessen with this development.
The collectors are definitely wondering what this means for the future of Magic Bands and if there will still be limited edition functionality and bands for parties, holidays, attractions, etc. We are sure that this will end up being the case, but no formal announcements have been made, so collectors will have to wait a little longer to find out what’s to come!

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There are currently no official announcements as to when we may see these in the parks, but according to, there has been a working prototype already tested behind the scenes, so we anticipate more to come on this in the coming months!

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