Awkwafina’s ‘Little Mermaid’ Performance Faces Vicious Backlash

awkwafina and scuttle the little mermaid bird

Awkwafina has become a Disney darling in recent years, appearing as main characters in both Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) and Raya and the Last Dragon (2021). Awkwafina even received accolades for her role as a voice actor in Raya and the Last Dragon!

Unfortunately, the actress who got her start as a rapper has now been placed in a Disney musical alongside one of BeyoncĂ©’s protĂ©gĂ©s — and the stark contrast between the performers’ styles has not done Awkwafina any favors.

The New Scuttle

Awkwafina plays Arielf’s friend Scuttle the seagull (although the new CGI version of the bird now looks more like a Northern gannet or blue-footed booby than any kind of gull) and has her own new song on the live-action remake’s soundtrack.



The soundtrack was just shared online in preparation for the movie’s theatrical premiere on May 26, and while some songs (such as Melissa McCarthy’s version of “Poor Unfortunate Souls”) have gotten rave reviews, Awkwafina’s song has not.

When compared with professional singer Halle Bailey, who stunned audiences with her recent rendition of “Part of Your World” and who did indeed get her start as Beyonce’s protege alongside her sister Chlöe, Awkwafina’s performance in the new song “Scuttlebutt” (which is a rap and also features Daveed Diggs in his role as Sebastian the crab) is certainly not looking its best.

little mermaid halle bailey praise

Halle Bailey wowed audiences with her rendition of “Part of Your World.”

There’s Something Fishy About This Little Mermaid Song…

“This song makes me want to go to the bottom of the ocean and stay there,” one Youtube user wrote after hearing the song. Other Little Mermaid fans were happy to provide even more unkind comments on the song.

“I want this song [to] play [at] my funeral,” another person chimed in. “[I’ll] be dead so no one [is] gonna have a nice day.”

The comments grew even more vicious as Youtube users and Disney fans attacked Awkwafina personally. “I didn’t know anyone could be more annoying than the original Scuttle, but somehow, she managed it,” one person wrote.

Are you a fan of Awkwafina? Do you like seeing the Crazy Rich Asians star appear in multiple Disney projects, or do her raspy voice and her signature style irritate you?

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