Be Our Guest Offers New Brunch Items, Could This Mean Breakfast Will Return?

Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom offers Guest visiting Walt Disney World a totally immersive experience as they find themselves in the center of various settings from the Beast’s castle in Beauty and the Beast (1990). The restaurant currently serves a pre-fixe lunch and dinner, with each Guest ordering an appetizer, entree, and dessert sampler. In the past, however, Be Our Guest had been open as a quick-service restaurant during lunch, and it was even open for breakfast. Since the Walt Disney World Resort reopened during the COVID-19 pandemic, Be Our Guest has kept lunch as a similar pre-fixe menu as dinner, and breakfast had been removed entirely. With some new updates just released though, could breakfast be returning? Let’s take a look!

New Operating Hours

Be Our Guest recently moved its hours to a 10:00 AM opening for all upcoming dates on the calendar on Disney World’s official site (through June 2022). Previously, or rather since the removal of breakfast in 2020, Be Our Guest Restaurant has been opening at 11:00 AM at the earliest for its pre-fixe lunch menu.

With the hours change, we should note that 10:00 AM to 2:55 PM is currently listed as lunch, with 3:00 PM to park close being dinner. If you think 10:00 AM might seem just a little bit too early for lunch, though, you will want to keep reading to check out some of the new menu updates that just arrived at Be Our Guest…

Menu Updates

With lunch being nearly the same as the dinner menu, there are a few changes, and some of the most interesting ones are those that are starting to make lunch at Be Our Guest seem more like a brunch experience. Appetizers for the Be Our Guest lunch menu that remain from the original pre-fixe menu include octopus, and a meat and cheese board, as well as French onion soup and lobster bisque. A new, more brunch-inspired appetizer now available is the Country Seasonal Salad with Toasted Walnuts, Fresh Fruit, and Seasonal Vinaigrette Dressing.

Not listed on Walt Disney World’s website, but confirmed available by a Be Our Guest Cast Member, Guests can also order a Crab Meat Omelet, stuffed with brie cheese and lump crab meat served alongside roasted potatoes. And for younger Guests, a kids’ breakfast sampler is now available as well with Mickey Waffles, eggs, sausage, bacon, and roasted potatoes.

Since these new menu updates are not on the menu, the restaurant is likely testing them to learn about Guest preferences before ‘officially’ updating the menu. What do these menu items mean for the future of Be Our Guest? We have a couple of ideas…

Breakfast or Brunch

auCredit: Disney Photo SnapperIf Disney is testing a couple of breakfast or brunch-inspired menu items at this Magic Kingdom restaurant, it seems safe to say that either an official breakfast or brunch menu is coming soon. How soon, though? And, what will it look like? We can’t know for sure until Disney releases the details but here are some speculations.

One thought is that a pre-fixe brunch will be introduced at Be Our Guest. Despite many Guests missing Be Our Guest’s quick service breakfast and lunch offerings, the restaurant continues to be incredibly popular with the pre-fixe lunch and dinner menu. Pre-fixe brunches have also been growing in popularity in Walt Disney World and elsewhere, as they allow Guests to try something both savory and sweet and add in options for mimosas, Bloody Marys, and other specialty cocktails for Guests 21 years of age and over.

Another thought is that breakfast will return, in what form we can’t know, but if not pre-fixe perhaps as its old quick service style or as a non-pre-fixe table service meal. It is worth noting that when Be Our Guest Restaurant did offer quick service breakfast, meals were about $30 per adult and they came with a pastry basket in addition to an entree. It seems possible that an entree like an omelet or breakfast sampler could still work with a similar style menu.

Be Our Guest Restaurant was also a favorite Disney experience for Guests using the Disney Dining Plan, however, Disney has not commented on if or when the plan will return.

For now, if you have a lunch coming up at Be Our Guest, be sure to try the new brunch items! The crab omelet sounds delicious, and Be Our Guest has always had some of our favorite Magic Kingdom salads in the past, so the new one is likely tasty as well. You can always view the current menu, and make an advanced dining reservation, at and in the My Disney Experience app. Don’t forget to try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!

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