‘Beauty and the Beast’ Continues to Receive Special Attention For Its Thirtieth Anniversary

beauty and the beast
'Beauty and the Beast' Photo credit: Disney Twitter

One of Disney’s most classic tales as old as time, ‘Beauty and the Beast‘, has been receiving the royal treatment this year for its thirtieth anniversary. The popular Disney movie, which tells the story of reserved ingenue Belle and the cursed prince she falls in love with, has been widely considered to be one of Disney’s most award-worthy classics. Belle herself is often one of the most popular classic Disney princesses, even with the advent of more modern Disney heroines like Tiana, Merida, Rapunzel, Moana, and Raya.

Belle and the Beast’s story has stayed popular even in the face of more recent Disney princess movies and Disney adventures–and for its anniversary (in conjunction with Walt Disney World’s own fiftieth anniversary!) everything from special wedding dress to pins to accessories to music videos has been released! The most recent anniversary release comes in the form of “Be Our Guest”; Disney has released a music video of the song that combines 12 different renditions of it in foreign languages. The languages featured in this version of the song are English, Korean, (Latin American) Spanish, Italian, French, Cantonese, German, Japanese, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, and Norwegian. Check it out in the Tweet below!

The other ‘Beauty and the Beast’ honors have been three new Belle wedding dresses from Allure Bridals’ Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Collection. The Disney wedding dress collection already has two gorgeous Belle gowns–as well as many other ones for each Disney princess, which you can see here–but their special new three Disney princess wedding dresses are truly out of this world!

Credit: Allure Bridal

‘Beauty and the Beast’ limited edition pins have also been released, as well as some unique Belle bags. Is ‘Beauty and the Beast’ one of your favorite animated Disney movies? Is Belle your very favorite Disney princess?

Credit: Allure Bridals


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