Bob Iger Explains Why Disney Refused to Buy Twitter

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Former Disney CEO BOB Iger has recently come back to Disney fanatics’ attention for several reasons — mainly his comments regarding the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and his performance as Disney’s leader in comparison to the current Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s performance. Now, the former Disney CEO has also revealed some secrets about the Walt Disney Company’s business decisions involving Twitter!


Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger and former CEO Bob Chapek / Disney

During Vox Media’s recent Code Conference in the city of Los Angeles, former CEO Bob Iger explained that Disney had been planning on buying the social media platform called Twitter back in 2016 — but after Disney did a little digging, the company decided not to go through with the purchase.

Michael Eisner and Bob Iger

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner and Former Disney CEO Bob Iger Credit: NBC

Apparently, a Vox Recode report indicated that many Twitter users might not actually be real people, so the Walt Disney Company decided to investigate further before completing the purchase. What Disney found in Twitter’s user data was supposedly enough to end the potential deal.

“We did look very carefully at all of the Twitter users…and we at that point estimated with some of Twitter’s help that a substantial portion — not a majority — were not real,” Bob Iger explained during the Los Angeles Vox Media Code Conference. Iger spent a weekend mulling over the decision and gathering data about the bots that were populating Twitter before deciding not to go through with the sale.

Bob Chapek

Disney CEO Bob Chapek/Disney

Apparently, the former Disney CEO essentially said that “Disney sought out Twitter because they wanted to get into the streaming business. The site was intended to serve as a global distribution platform for news, sports, and entertainment”.

Bob Iger has been vocal about plenty of Disney ‘secrets’ and strategies after leaving his role as the leader of the Walt Disney Company (and being replaced by current CEO Bob Chapek, who has dealt with a great deal of discontent from Disney fans). Iger has also been clear about his predictions for Disney’s future, the future of streaming services like Disney+, and the future of the Metaverse. 

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