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The current Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek might have a lot of naysayers, but the former CEO Bob Iger has continued to receive praise from Disney fanatics even after he left his position as leader of Disney — and now that another famous leader (Queen Elizabeth II of England) has passed away, Bob Iger has spoken up to honor her.


Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger and former CEO Bob Chapek / Disney

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday, September 8, 2022, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The royal was 96 years old.

“The world has lost an extraordinary person, Queen Elizabeth. I always respected and appreciated her energy, dedication, fortitude…her deep sense of duty….and the fact that she loved her job and her people loved her back. The true and sad end of an era….” former Disney CEO Bob Iger wrote in the above Tweet.

Many celebrities, British citizens, and royal family fans from around the world have shared their condolences online alongside the former Walt Disney Company CEO.

The Disney UK branch (and some other Disney social media accounts) also posted an illustration on Twitter in honor of Queen Elizabeth. The illustration is shown below, and shows Winnie the Pooh singing, the Queen herself, and onlookers holding the Union flag. (referencing a special Winnie the Pooh animation from 2021 that had honored the royal on her birthday), saying the following: “Rest in peace, Your Majesty”.

The Walt Disney Company has been through a lot of ups and downs lately, with many Disney fans placing the causes of their Disney discontent at the feet of the new CEO Bob Chapek — but former Disney CEO Bob Iger is clearly still an influential figure, and he is not alone in mourning Queen Elizabeth II on this day of her passing.

Prince Charles, the son of Queen Elizabeth, is now King Charles III. His wife Camilla (his second wife after the late Princess Diana, who was a Disney fan herself and visited the Disney animation studios) will now be the Queen Consort.

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