Broadway Stars Recreate Iconic ‘High School Musical’ Performance For Exclusive Cruise


When it comes to Disney and Broadway, there is often a lot of cross-over between the shows, songs, and the talent involved onstage. Plenty of Disney shows have come to Broadway, such as Frozen or The Lion King, and many Disney stars have also played iconic roles in non-Disney shows (or, in some cases, they have originated equally-iconic Disney princess roles).

Just ask this often-underappreciated That’s So Raven star about her turn as Belle from Beauty and the Beast or the Tony Award-nominated voice of the Hercules character Megara if you don’t believe us!

One Disney musical that does not tend to be associated with stage performances as much as The Lion King or Disney princess stories is High School Musical — but Disney has just changed that with a very special performance by some Broadway talent!


The cast of High School Musical Credit:

The cast of the High School Musical films typically do not go out of their way to perform songs from the Disney Channel Original Movie series, even though the songs were huge hits and the movies became a staple for Disney fans and musical fans.

Vanessa Hudgens, who played Gabriella, has certainly performed some iconic Broadway roles since then — but she is not part of this new performance.


Vanessa Hudgens in an interview about ‘High School Musical’. Photo credit:

Lucas Grabeel, Zac Efron (who played Troy Bolton), Corbin Bleu (who does seem more involved in High School Musical projects than his co-stars), and Ashley Tisdale are not part of the performance either.

Instead, Broadway performers Josh Strickland, Kissy Simmons, Michael James Scott, Kara Lindsay, and Robert Creighton are the ones performing the rousing finale number called “We’re All in This Together” — and instead of performing it in a high school gymnasium after a basketball game, the singers are performing it on a Disney cruise ship!


The five singers performed the hit song while onboard the exclusive 2022 Disney Vacation Club Member Cruise. Take a look at the performance in the video shown above! Were you lucky enough to witness the stage performance and enjoy this cruise in 2022?

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