Broadway’s Aladdin Is Struck Down by COVID Just One Day After Reopening

Aladdin Broadway
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Fans of Disney’s Aladdin were thrilled to learn that the Broadway show was returning for autumn, and that Disney’s Lion King and Frozen shows were coming back with it (with Frozen going on tour). There was even a poignant and emotional performance on The View just Wednesday morning, less than twenty-four hours after Aladdin’s opening night, and the lead cast members from all three different shows performed in a stunning series of duets and a beautiful “Let It Go” finale that featured revised lyrics to reference the pandemic. The joy and relief on the performers’ faces was clearly evident during their songs…but unfortunately, Aladdin’s joy was short-lived. Within just hours of that performance, Aladdin announced online that some cast members had tested positive for the COVID virus. They shared the following post, and closed down the show Wednesday night.

Credit: Aladdin Instagram

The show was able to resume on Thursday, with the following post being shared, but audiences were still disheartened by the news (and no doubt the cast members were too). It was due to “rigorous testing protocols” that the positive cases were found, and that testing will most likely be continuing as Broadway tries to reopen in the most COVID-conscious and safest manner possible for everyone, but to have the show curtailed and dampened after just one performance was sad news for many. The fact that Princess Jasmine and Aladdin both performed in close quarters with the leads from The Lion King and Frozen on Wednesday is a cruel irony, too, since they weren’t able to wear masks while performing. Hopefully there are no more COVID cases found in the Aladdin cast, and hopefully we don’t soon hear that the virus has spread to members of Frozen or The Lion King too! For now, Aladdin has resumed performances, and Broadway audiences can look forward to some incredible shows with some new talent.

Credit: Disney on Broadway

Credit: Aladdin Instagram


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