Broadway’s New Aladdin and Jasmine Release a Teaser of Their Famous Duet

Credit: Shoba Narayan Instagram

Disney is finally back on Broadway (with three shows: Frozen, The Lion King, and Aladdin), and Disney’s Aladdin cast have just released a beautiful rendition of “A Whole New World” as a teaser for audiences coming to see the Broadway production! Since the lead couple is being played by newcomers Michael Maliakel (as Aladdin) and Shoba Narayan (as Princess Jasmine), Disney fans are particularly eager to hear the two performers’ voices and see them together in action. Judging by this video, it looks like the couple definitely have a lot of chemistry and can do a wonderful job in portraying the passion between Aladdin and Princess Jasmine during the musical!


Aladdin on Broadway is getting ready for its reopening on 9/28! Ft. Michael Maliakel as Aladdin and Shoba Narayan as Jasmine

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The two performers were thrilled to finally be starting performances and making their Broadway debut. “In my mind, Disney and Broadway go hand in hand,” Maliakel said in an interview with D23. “The Disney animated films were my introduction to storytelling, especially storytelling through song. For me, Disney coming back to Broadway means nostalgia, spectacle, and fun. It also means telling diverse stories authentically and inclusively so that audiences feel that the magic of Disney is for everyone.” Maliakel also expressed gratitude for his family’s support in achieving his dream. “My family—their support and love, their struggles and sacrifices—is the reason I am where I am today, and I feel like this moment belongs to all of us,” he said thoughtfully. “I’m so grateful to be able to share that night with them.”

Credit: Aladdin Instagram

Credit: Aladdin Instagram

“I can’t wait to hear the orchestra’s first notes of the overture, and the crowd’s cheers of excitement when the curtain rises for the first time,” Disney princess Shoba Narayan said. “I get chills thinking about it. I think our first performance will feel electric!” She also acknowledged the significance of Broadway’s (and Disney’s) return mid-pandemic. “To be able to bring the magic of Disney back to Broadway after this ‘intermission’ means a lot to me. We are living in a troubling time, and to be part of something that brings audiences joy, laughter, and a moment to reflect is not lost on me. I believe Disney on Broadway has the power to be a huge part of that healing experience. I look forward to taking audiences with us to a wondrous place, full of light and possibility.”

aladdin on broadway

Credit: D23

Aladdin’s Maliakel agreed that this opening night will be a special one. “If there’s a silver lining to be found in this prolonged hiatus from theater, I think it’s that we —actors, backstage folks, audience members—are all going to celebrate every single performance with deep, profound gratitude. Audiences can expect all the beauty and spectacle you know Disney always delivers, but be prepared for a new, electric kind of energy from performers who are more excited than ever to get back on stage.” After seeing the above duet, we can certainly sense their excitement, and we’re eager to see them perform the entire Broadway musical!


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