Captain America Gets A Musical

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America opposite Hayley Atwell as Agent Carter/Peggy Carter. Credit: Marvel

Even though the highly-anticipated Marvel Studios trailer that just dropped is in fact for Hawkeye’s new series on Disney+ (and you can see it here!), some sharp-eyed Marvel fans have already spotted an Easter egg in the Hawkeye trailer: marquee signs for “Rogers: The Musical”. The signs have the Avenger Captain America’s visage on them, shield included, and fans are now eagerly discussing the humorous prospect of a musical about Captain America’s life.

Credit: Ashley Carter on Twitter

When we last saw Captain America (the original Chris Evans version, not the Falcon and Winter Soldier version), he had traveled in time to go back and live his entire life happily in love with his wife Peggy Carter. Fans got to see the couple happily dancing together, knowing that they now would get to live the full life of love that they had never originally gotten to have. It was a romantic and sweet ending for the superhero who started it all!

All kidding aside, a musical about Captain America would actually have potential. His story has everything a stage musical needs: distinct and dramatic set pieces, standout costumes, a protagonist with charisma, unique villains, and lots of moments that include personal growth (which, as we all know from Disney princesses, are the ideal times for songs about wants, desires, or character development).


Ashley Carter expressed an interest in seeing the “Rogers” musical on Twitter, and several other people (such as Scott Gustin) are already agreeing, as shown below. Who knows? Perhaps this cheeky Easter egg might lead to the real thing! What do you think of Captain America? Would you want to see a musical about Steve Rogers, or do you think it might go the way of the Spider-man musical? And what did you think of the new Hawkeye trailer?

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