Caribbean Beach - Why We Love This Laid-Back Disney Resort

Caribbean Beach Resort

All of Disney World’s Resort Hotels are amazing. After all, what could be better than five-star service, comfortable rooms, and not driving for an entire vacation?

Each and every one of Disney’s Resorts offers all of these things and much, much more. Besides, there is definitely something to be said for staying in the “Disney bubble” and never returning to the real world until your vacation has ended.

That said, some resorts are better than others. One of our favorites is Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. This amazing, laid-back Moderate Resort really has a lot going for it. Here is why this particular hotel is so amazing.

1. Bright Colors

First of all, we must mention the amazing colors of this resort. Just like the colorful houses of the Caribbean islands, the buildings in this resort are painted lovely shades of blue, yellow, and red. Not only is this nice to look at, it really helps put you in the vacation mood and get you ready for the fun times you're going to have there.

2. Hammocks

If the bright colors aren’t enough to get you in the vacation mood, we’re betting the many hammocks will be. These comfy resting places are scattered all over the resort grounds, meaning you can stop and take a nap whenever you please.

Not in the mood for sleeping? Take a book with you and enjoy a nice reading session as you sway in the breeze under the warm Florida sun. You may even start to believe you’re on an island.

3. Awesome Pool

All of the Disney resorts have fun themed pools, but we think the main pool at the Caribbean Beach Resort is one of the best. This particular swimming area is themed after an old Spanish fort, complete with cannons that actually spray water, waterfalls, and, of course, super fun water slides.

For the younger kids, there is also the nearby water play area which is themed to look like a pirate ship. This play area includes smaller slides as well as features that spray water on anyone who happens to be playing nearby.

4. Remodeled Rooms

Caribbean Beach Resort has recently underwent renovations. The rooms are now more fresh and inviting than ever before.

The new rooms all feature new, comfy, queen-sized beds—where double beds once stood—as well as new fixtures, a new color palette, and more. Additionally, many of the new rooms also feature a fold-down Murphy bed, meaning these rooms can sleep five people instead of only four. This is huge for those families with more than two kids.

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