Cast Member Asserts Most Guests “Waste” Their Money at Disney World

disney world guests spending money

Disney Resorts are known for their enchanting atmosphere. Whether you choose to visit “The Most Magical Place on Earth”—Walt Disney World Resort—or “The Happiest Place on Earth”—Disneyland Resort—you can expect to have an amazing time, thanks in large part to the efforts of the Cast Members who work there. While the Theme Parks are filled with a wide variety of rides and attractions that make them popular destinations, the true essence of the Disney experience lies in the Cast Members themselves.

And one former Disney Cast Member has news for Disney World Guests.

magic kingdom cinderella castle

“Partners Statue” in front of Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort, Central Florida/Courtesy of Disney

Former Walt Disney World Resort Cast Member Thomas, who goes by @dappermanatee on TikTok, uses his platform to share different stories from his time at the Disney Resort. He’s shared instances of rude Guests, Disney World stories, and more. This time, Thomas had something to share about the ways in which Walt Disney World Resort Guests spend their money at the Disney Park.

Hint: It’s not good.


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In the video above, Thomas details that most people end up wasting their money during their Disney vacation—specifically calling out those who say a Disney vacation costs $10,000—by finding the most expensive Disney Resort hotel and staying at it; he names Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge as Resort hotels that are beautiful but not necessarily worth the price.

It’s certainly true that Disney invests in making these hotels worth the visit, but as Thomas points out, if it wracks up your Disney vacation cost, you can make different and more affordable choices while still getting what you want out of it.

Tusker House Animal Kingdom

Tusker House at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park / Courtesy of Disney

Similarly, he also calls out the different levels of the Disney dining plan, sharing that some restaurants are incredibly expensive while others “share the same kitchen.”

Ultimately, Thomas makes the point that a Disney vacation is undoubtedly expensive and requires a “save,” but it doesn’t need to break the bank in the way that Guests often share. And many Guests in the comments agreed, sharing they’d pick the cheaper Resort or an offsite resort considering they barely stay in the room anyway, and others advising Guests to pack food on their trip.

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