Cast Member Shares a Walt Disney World “Horror Story”

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While Walt Disney World Guests usually uphold the moniker of “Most Magical Place on Earth,” sometimes, things don’t go to plan.

Guests at the Walt Disney World Resort flock to the Disney Resort and its Theme Parks to get their taste of the Disney magic. And, while at the Disney Parks, Disney Cast Members do their best to ensure that Guests can fulfill all their dreams for their Disney vacation. But sometimes, Guests can be quite surprising in their requests, making life more challenging than one might think for CMs.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Entrance

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Entrance/Courtesy of Disney

Reddit user and Disney fan u/QuirkyWafer shared a video to the social media platform of a “restaurant horror story” that reminds us exactly what not to do at a Disney Park. The story occurred at the Rainforest Cafe restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, according to the fan.

Check out the video below:

This restaurant horror story from Animal Kingdom makes me wonder just how far WDW will go to appease customers.
byu/QuirkyWafer4 inWaltDisneyWorld

In the video, a Cast Member details that they once got a reservation for 40 Guests at the Rainforest Cafe at Disney World. The CM shares it was the “worst job [they] ever had” and that because it was at Disney World, they had to give the Guests “everything they wanted.” In this case, it turns out that the Guests were 20 elderly ladies with 20 dolls. The women demanded high chairs for their dolls and demanded the dolls be addressed and served as if they were Guests.

The Cast Member also adds that the women were not particularly friendly and called them “Karens.”

This unfortunate incident shocked fans in the comments, with many debating whether the women had, in fact, inconvenienced the staff, considering they ordered 40 meals and paid for them as well. While others were vehemently opposed to how the women had conducted themselves.

rainforest cafe ak disney world

Rainforest Cafe, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park/Courtesy of Disney

While this situation seems a bit murky, it’s important to remember to be courteous and considerate of Guests and Cast Members at Disney World. In fact, the Disney Resort has recently even addressed this kind of behavior with an official update to their website and policy.

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