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Disney Princess Cries During Sweet Sendoff

aurora sleeping beauty cast member
A Cast Member who was friends with Aurora was recently surprised on her last day as a full-time Disney princess.

Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members and Disneyland Resort Cast Members have a tough job, trying to stay in character as classic Disney characters and beloved Disney princesses no matter what — but sometimes Cast Members do get the appreciation that they deserve!

A Cast Member who worked full-time as a face character performer, specifically as an actress portraying the Disney princess Aurora, recently had her last day working full-time at Walt Disney World. In honor of her last day and all of her hard work as Princess Aurora, the Cast Member’s co-workers surprised her with a heartwarming gesture in EPCOT’s French pavilion!

aurora sleeping beauty briar rose disney princess

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty Credit:

“Princess Aurora” was carrying out her duties meeting Disney World Guests when her beloved team lead “Auntie Jo Jo” showed up, Disneybounding as Aurora’s friend Mr. Owl from the 1959 movie Sleeping Beauty. Aurora can be seen crying and hugging her close friend.

Auntie Jo Jo also continued the surprise by bringing along several of the Aurora Cast Member’s other co-workers, who were all Disneybounding as Sleeping Beauty characters, such as Maleficent, to give their real friend a hug undercover in the Disney Park. Samson and the three fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather also made an appearance.

A magical best friend. I love you, Auntie Jo Jo,” the female Cast Member wrote on TikTok as she shared the video of the sweet ‘character interaction’ that was, really, a goodbye from co-workers. “Joselyn is a magical, loving human for making this so special for Princess Aurora,” the Cast Member added. Cast Members typically have to avoid saying that they “play” a Disney character; instead, they’re usually “friends” with the character. 


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You can see Princess Aurora’s special moments with Auntie Jo Jo in the TikTok video shown below; her fun photos with her other co-workers are shown in the second video, which can be seen below!


A Cast Member portraying Aurora.

Apparently, many Disney World Resort Cast Members know Joselyn, known as Auntie Jo Jo. She is described in the videos’ comments by Aurora’s co-workers as a “100/10 human” and “a gem.” “Joselyn is one of my leaders too! I love how authentic she is and how much she cares for all of us,’ another Disney employee wrote.


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Were you lucky enough to be a Disney World Guest who witnessed these sweet moments in person in EPCOT’s France Pavilion?

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