Cast Member Union Leaders Say ‘No’ to Disney’s Offer

Disney Cast Member Union

Negotiations continue between The Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney World Resort Cast Member Union Local 737 regarding an increase in pay for the service industry employees. The latest reports show Disney delivered an offer, and the Union does not like what they see.

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According to the Orlando Sentinel,

“Members of the Service Trades Council Union, which represent about 45,000 workers at Walt Disney World, have been negotiating a new contract with Disney since Aug. 24. The previous deal expired Oct. 1. … In negotiations with the unions, Disney World leaders have proposed to gradually increase starting pay to $20 an hour over the next five years. Certain roles, like housekeepers, bus drivers and culinary positions, would start at $20 under the proposal.” 

This deal would raise the base pay from the current $15, and Disney said that this raise would raise hourly wages for “13,800 full-time non-tipped employees” by $1 the first year while also being retroactive back to October 2022. Disney has also offered other concessions, such as eight weeks of “child-bonding time” for full-time employees that have been with the company for at least one full year and a 401(k) option.


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The residents of the State of Florida voted to raise the minimum wage progressively over the course of several years, and it should be noted that The Walt Disney Company states that it continues to outpace that wage increase “by at least $5 each year.”

“This very strong offer provides our Cast Members with a nearly 10% average increase immediately and guaranteed raises for the next four years with every single non-tipped Cast Member promised at least a $20 starting wage during the contract, and the majority seeing a 33% to 46% increase during that time,” Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger said in a statement.

But Union leaders say this offer is still not enough. Cast Members belonging to the Union will now get their chance to review the offer and vote to accept or reject it, but leaders are advising their members to say “no.” Results from the vote are expected to come in by February 3. If the consensus is “no,” then Disney and Labor Unions will return to the negotiating table.

Disney World Cast Member Union, Unite Here! Local 737

Credit: Unite Here! Local 737

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However, it is still business as usual over at The Most Magical Place On Earth, and we at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney Parks news and stories as more developments come to light.

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