Ever Wondered Why Cast Members Stay at “Godforsaken” Parks? Here’s an Answer!

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Some Disney Cast Members shared what keeps them working at the Disney Parks, explaining what keeps them coming back for the day-to-day.

Cast Members are truly the heart and soul of the Disney experience. They work incredibly hard every day to ensure that Guests visiting the Disney Parks can have the best of the Disney magic and Disney Park they’re at while making sure they have a wonderful Disney vacation.

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Disneyland Resort Cast Members/Courtesy of Disneyland

However, the trouble the Cast Members have been having with the Walt Disney Company is widely known. Between the union issues that Cast Members at the Central Florida-based Walt Disney World Resort, and the reports of Cast Members sleeping in their cars at Disneyland Resort, these unsung heroes have not always had it easy. Perhaps because of this, or perhaps because of stories of rude Guests and needing to deal with situations involving fresh turds and Guests peeing on fellow visitors, one fan took to social media to ask Disneyland Resort CMs what makes them stay at their jobs.

Reddit user and Disney fan u/Andrew_Korenchkin began the discussion, asking,

Cast Members of Disneyland…Be Honest. How much of a fan of Disneyland are you really?

Did you take your job with a genuine love of Disneyland, or simply saw it as a way to make a living?

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Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland Resort, Southern California/Courtesy of Disney

Almost immediately, one fan, u/pdlbean, commented, “Ain’t nobody staying as a CM without loving the hell out of that godforsaken place.”

One former Disneyland Cast Member gave the OP a detailed response, sharing,

 I loved Disney before working in the parks, and I still loved it after I left. Yes, there are moments and days when you will get jaded as is the case with any job, but it doesn’t really take away from one’s love for Disney. And pretty much every person who goes in to work for the company is a Disney fan, and many of us would go spend days off in the parks thanks to the free entries the company gives CM’s and their friends/families.

disneyland resort pixar pier

Disneyland Resort, Southern California/ Courtesy of Disney

Interestingly, one commenter shared that they’d heard of many Cast Members who became bigger fans of Disneyland after they left than before they started working there. It’s certainly heartwarming to hear of how Cast Members love the Parks for what they are and provide to people from all around the world.

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