Former Cast Member Exposes Disney’s World’s “Union-Busting Techniques”


We have seen a great deal of criticism aimed towards Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort — not to mention the umbrella organization that supersedes them, which is the Walt Disney Company that is currently run by CEO Bob Iger — but one particular point of contention has been the low wages for Disney employees.

According to reports, Disney employees (who are called Cast Members in the Disney Parks) are actually not having a magical time despite working at a “magical” place.

Many Disney Cast Members are reportedly homeless, living in their cars, and struggling to afford food, medicine, and basic expenses associated with a living wage that they are not receiving from Disney.

Cast Members are the Magic

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Disney World has already been engaged in union negotiations with its employees, which so far are not favoring the employees. Many Cast Members (and even one Disney heiress) have spoken up about this issue, and now another former Cast Member has spoken up as well!

According to Jessica (@tremainetok), a former Cast Member who is active on TikTok,  “Disney offered a minimal $1 raise for all Cast Members despite the average rent in the area being $2,000 a month”.

“There has been a disgusting hike in rent here in the last year,” Jessica explained, referring to Florida. “But I’m here to tell you, this is nothing new…Full-time Disney Cast Members have had a homelessness and food insecurity problem for decades.”


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Apparently, Jessica worked at Walt Disney World Resort in 2010 and found herself homeless less than a year after accepting the position. The former Cast Member lived in her car in a Magic Kingdom parking lot.

“A conservative survey of Magic Kingdom Cast Members, full-time, found out that ten percent of Magic Kingdom Cast Members are currently homeless,” Jessica said in the video shown above. “And the problem has only gotten worse since the [COVID] shutdown.”

Jessica made it clear that she feels that the Walt Disney Company is far from innocent in its employees’ struggles to get by. “Since when is it okay for a corporation that employs a large chunk of the population in one city to rely on the state and the federal government to support their employees?” the TikToker asked. “…They are draining money from the federal and state economies,” she added.

Talking to Cast Members

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In addition, Jessica pointed out another disturbing element of the issue. “Who lobbies those politicians who contribute to those employment laws? Disney,” she explained.

Jessica didn’t necessarily recommend boycotting Disney Parks, but she did speak directly to union Cast Members.

“Walt Disney World is built off the backs of these low-wage workers, and every single one of us who doesn’t speak out or try and help in any way is contributing to the problem,” the former Disney employee stated. “To my union Disney Cast Members, please vote. You are the ones who are ultimately going to make a difference here. Do not let Disney’s ‘family magic’ union-busting techniques contribute to your misery.”

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