Server Error? Cast Members Complain TRON is Least Inclusive Ride at Disney World

Disney World Tron Ride Size

After seven years, TRON: Lightcycle/Run has finally begun welcoming its first “users” onto the grid, with Walt Disney World Cast Members flooding into Tomorrowland for their exclusive previews.

However, there appears to be a server error on the grid. A significant number of Cast Members are reporting that they are too big to fit onto the standard Lightcycle ride seating, and social media is in a frenzy.

Tron previews disney world

Credit: Disney

According to @ThemeParkExpress, not only did several Cast Members report not being able to fit, but an additional line for limited “large Guest” seats grew to be an additional 30+ minute wait. Several called the extra line “embarrassing” and “the line of shame,” and said TRON is worse than a similar situation that occurred when Avatar Flight of Passage first opened in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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But there appears to be some discrepancy among the reports. Some say it comes down to thigh size, others saying outright that if you are bigger than a “Size 14” you can’t fit.

But there were some people who identified as being larger that attempted to spread some calm, saying,

If it helps anyone worried, I rode Tron at about 260+ pounds, shirt size XXL, trousers 40 inch, my weight sits on my stomach/tops of legs. I rode it with people bigger than me too. Treat it like FoP, get as far forward as you can before lying flat and pulling handles.”

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The new roller coaster between Space Mountain and the Tomorrowland Speedway is reportedly a near-exact copy of the original attraction, TRON: Lightcycle Power Run at Shanghai Disneyland. However, voices across social media admit they expected the motorcycle-like seating to be adapted for the “American” ridership. For those would-be Magic Kingdom Park Guests who are worried about not being able to fit, it should be noted that Walt Disney Imagineers have staged bike seats at the entrance to the queue for you to try on for size before committing to the line and the boarding situation that waits ahead.

TRON: Lightcycle/Run opens to the public at Walt Disney World Resort via virtual queue and individual Lightning Lane purchase on April 4.

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