“Diet Starts Today”: Disney Fans Appear Unsympathetic of TRON Ride Size Situation

Disney World Tron Ride Size

The first night of Walt Disney World’s Cast Member Previews of TRON: Lightcycle/Run has finally come and gone, but an ugly “server error” has been discovered by the users.

Several Cast Members reported that the standard motorcycle-shaped Lightcycle ride vehicle could not accommodate them. They had to wait to use the limited larger-capacity roller coaster seats, and the line for those seats grew to have an extra 30+ minute wait time.

Disney World Tron Ride Size

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These reports spread like wildfire across social media, causing onlookers to suddenly worry about their chances to experience an attraction for which Disney Parks has spent the past seven years building hype. But there were several voices that took a different approach to the situation.

One fan simply said, “Diet starts today.”

Another said, “Some people can’t be fighter pilots. Some people can’t enjoy some rides because of motion sickness. Some people can’t afford to go. Some people can’t have dairy.” To which another replied, “Yeah. Life is filled with exclusions. Why can’t we face that reality?”

However, some other comments were not so gentle. Two people said, “Maybe “some people” should lose a few LB’s,” and “If you’re not meant to do something then you’re not meant to do something. Go for a run, eat a salad…….if need be get gastric bypass.”

tron Lightcycle

Credit: Disney

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Meanwhile, fans were quick to declare Walt Disney World Resort’s TRON Lightcycle Run as “fatphobic,” referring to the line for the few larger seats as “embarrassing” and the entire experience as a “line of shame.” Believing that updates would be made from its original variant in Shanghai Disneyland, TRON Lightcycle Power Run, its status is supposedly worse than a similar situation that involved Avatar Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Cast Member previews are set to continue as ride activity finally picks up in the far corner of Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland between Space Mountain, the Tomorrowland Speedway, and the Walt Disney World Railroad. It is unclear at this time if Walt Disney Imagineering plans to make any changes before the roller coaster officially opens to Guests with a virtual queue and individual Lightning Lane access on April 4.

Tron previews disney world

Credit: Disney

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