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New Disney Vacation Club Lounge Revealed for Disneyland Hotel

New Disney Vacation Club Lounge Disneyland

We are just days away from the D23 Expo, but an exciting Disney Parks change has already been released! Disney Vacation Club members are going to get another exciting exclusive lounge at the Disneyland Hotel. According to Disney Parks Blog, Disney Vacation Club is now developing its first Member Lounge at Disneyland Resort in California. Called “Disney Vacation Club Star View ...

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Yet Again Walt Disney World Almost Empty

disney world empty

In a strange week for Walt Disney World, the Theme Park is practically empty yet again, with barely any Guests in attendance. Disney Parks are known for showing Guests a wonderful time, but they’re also known for being incredibly crowded. Having that magical Disney vacation at Walt Disney World Resort at any of the Theme Parks—Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood ...

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Disney Guest Runs Over Cast Member’s Foot, He Gets Revenge

disney guest cast member

A Disney Cast Member detailed how he dealt with a situation when a Guest ran over his foot with a scooter at Walt Disney World. The Disney Parks — whether at Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Park — are equipped to provide Guests with extra support or help as needed. In particular, the Parks have scooters and Electric Conveyance ...

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Firefighter Saves Life on Disney World Vacation

Firefighter saves Disney World Guest

The Walt Disney World Resort once again became the site of real-world heroism as a vacationing fireman answered the unexpected call of duty. Poughkeepsie Fire Department Lieutenant Paul Bucher was on a family vacation when he saved a man who was having a heart attack while at dinner. According to, “The lieutenant performed a precordial thump and began chest ...

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VIDEO: Viral TikToker Infuriates Former Cast Member

viral tiktoker cast member

A former Cast Member spoke out about some videos from a viral TikToker, infuriated with their behavior at a Disney Park. TikTok has certainly had an impact on Disney Parks considering many TikTokers create content while at the Parks. Unfortunately, TikTok trends have also influenced and caused Guests to partake in behaviors that are most certainly not allowed. One TikTok ...

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More Bad Behavior: Guest Screams in Cast Member’s Face

disney world guest behavior

In a new instance of unacceptable bad behavior, a Disney Guest blocked the exit to a ride and then screamed in a Cast Member’s face. The Walt Disney World Resort is known for being “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” Whichever Theme Park you choose to go to—Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disney’s Animal Kingdom. But this week, ...

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‘Thanos,’ ‘Quill,’ ‘Rey’ Ranked in Top 10 Most Popular ‘Disney Baby Names’

Disney Baby Names

It appears that one characteristic of “Disney Adults” is naming their babies after their favorite Disney characters, but it looks like two of the top three are not even traditionally Disney. A new report has been released showing the most popular baby names credited to beloved characters from under the Disney Corporate Umbrella, including characters from Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, ...

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‘Disney Prime?’: Disney Explores Amazon Prime Style Membership

disney membership

Recent reports indicate that Disney is looking to create a new membership program that would be similar to Amazon Prime. The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest corporations in the United States. It is a media giant in the entertainment and TV sector, with ownership of studios like Marvel, Disney Pixar, and LucasFilms, and has two major Resorts ...

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Secret Exit to Pirates of the Caribbean Revealed

secret exit Pirates of the Caribbean

It looks like even a nearly 60-year-old attraction can still provide Disney Park Guests with something new without requiring updates or refurbishments. An alternate exit to Walt Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Magic Kingdom Park was revealed by TikToker @magicbandsandtrashcans, who said: “Another Pro Tip from Magic Kingdom! Also helpful if you have a service dog!” Check it ...

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“Something’s Burning,” Disney World Ride Malfunctions While Guests Are Onboard

disney world ride breakdown

In another scary ride breakdown story, this Disney Theme Park ride malfunctioned while Guests were on it. Walt Disney World has four of the most magical Theme Parks—Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. However, while these Parks and their attractions can provide many with the ultimate Disney experience, they can sometimes cause Guests stress as well; ...

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