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Disney Officially Green Lights “Weird” ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Reboot

Pirates of the Caribbean reboot

Six years ago, Johnny Depp appeared on the big screen for the last time as the beloved Captain Jack Sparrow in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Disney’s high-seas adventure films based on the iconic attraction began in 2003 with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Fans were immediately hooked, and it became one ...

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Tram Crash Leaves Disneyland Guests Sore and Angry

disneyland trams

One Disneyland guest’s simple question revealed a distressing incident that happened on Sunday night, leaving many Disneyland visitors feeling disgruntled and leaving Disney’s guest relations in a temporary bind! “Anyone know why the trams stopped running?” a Disneyland guest asked curiously in the Reddit post shown below. An Ominous “Thud” The Disneyland guest explained that they were “walking into world ...

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Disney is Funding A Lawsuit Against…Disney?

Disney funding CFTOD Against Disney

Last month, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, the Board handpicked by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to replace the Reedy Creek Improvement District, sent a referral to the Florida Inspector General against the Walt Disney Company. They complained that Reedy Creek employees received discounts and Disney World season passes. They called it a “scheme” to defraud taxpayers.  When Governor DeSantis ...

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Disney World Guests Demand Refunds Due to Excessive Ride Breakdowns

disney ride breakdowns

Even though many Disney Fanatics associate Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort (not to mention the international Disney resorts) with “Disney magic,” the fact remains that Disney theme parks are, in fact, theme parks like any other. This means that they also suffer from ride breakdowns, malfunctions, and unexpected closures like any other theme park attractions do (regardless of ...

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‘Indiana Jones’ Finds Massive Success After Box Office Fiasco

Indiana Jones vod

It is well established that Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny has had a lackluster showing at the global box office during its theatrical run. However, the title recently claimed a victory after launching for video-on-demand (VOD) digital release download and rental on August 29. Indiana Jones 5′s Box Office Flop Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny ...

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Beloved ‘Shrek’ Singer Has Died

smash mouth steve harwell dead

Former lead singer of the American rock band Smash Mouth, Steve Harwell, has died at the age of 56, per the latest reports. The singer passed away on September 4, 2023. The band’s longtime manager, Robert Hayes, shared in a statement, “Steve Harwell passed away this morning, Sept. 4, 2023, at his home in Boise, Idaho. He was surrounded by ...

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Miguel Debuts as Face Character for Disney Cruise Line ‘Coco’ Restaurant

Miguel Disney Treasure

Disney Cruise Line just pulled back the curtain on many unique offerings coming to the Disney Treasure ship when it sets sail late next year. Among the standout reveals was the debut of a fresh spin on Miguel from Pixar’s Coco movie. Disney and Pixar’s Coco Released in 2017, Pixar’s Coco follows the journey of a young Mexican boy named Miguel, ...

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Disney’s Shameless Plug to Angry Spectrum Customers: “There’s Hulu+ Live TV!”

Disney Hulu Live TV

The Walt Disney Company angered many people late last week when it decided to pull all its programming from Charter Communication’s Spectrum TV cable provider. The company would do well not to trigger these customers further, particularly sports fans who had to go without ESPN channels this weekend. However, Disney couldn’t help itself. With negotiations ongoing and no end in ...

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“Outraged” Disney Launches Investigation Into Cast Members Caught Twerking and “Simulating Sex Acts”

twerking cast members investigation

Recently, characters like Minnie Mouse, Pluto, and Chip & Dale went viral for twerking online, and it appears Disney will take action. The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are known for being some of the best places in the world to enjoy Disney vacations. They are hotspots for family-friendly fun and allow guests from all over the ...

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Did Disney Cancel the Upcoming ‘Snow White’ Movie with Rachel Zegler?

snow white rachel zegler canceled

For weeks now, people have been theorizing if Disney has officially pulled the plug on the controversial ‘Snow White’ movie; now, one article seemingly confirms this. We at Disney Fanatic jumped in to fact-check. The live-action remakes from the Walt Disney Company have been more than controversial. There has been notable backlash against Disney’s casting of Halle Bailey and Yara ...

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